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Honda is world-renowned for excellent engineering and on-going innovation, combined with an ability to produce cars that work for people’s day-today lives. The Honda Civic has become a by-word for dependability and durability and though the model is now in its tenth iteration, it retains the qualities which have made it globally popular.

The great build quality and super-dependability mean that used Civics hold their value well, something worth taking into consideration when you’re buying any used car and packed full of safety features the Civic makes a great family car.

Its spacious interior, blended with plenty of great tech, make a used Honda Civic an excellent choice, whether in its 4 or 5 door body style. You can take your pick from both petrol and diesel engine’s used Honda Civics, so there’s something for everyone in terms of finding the right used Civic to suit your driving life-style.

Honda Civic

Now into its 10th generation, the Civic continues to develop with the times. This latest version benefits from a new sporty look. The new Civic 4 door looks to marry up athletic looks with aerodynamic lines, its new grille system also looks to add efficiency by encouraging airflow. Coming with a choice of either 16" or 17" alloys and more powerful and intelligent LED lights the Civic's distinctive looks aren't lost.

Say goodbye to having to compromise comfort for style. In the Civic 4 door you can have both. The new seats are shaped to specifically offer the maximum amount of comfort and support, while the rest of the car offers space in abundance. However, the engaging design of the drivers' cockpit ensures you still feel in control at all times whilst being surrounded by sporting elegance.

Available in three trim levels, you can select from the SE, SR or range topping EX models. The new Honda Earth Dreams technology is present as well, meaning all specs are designed to look after the planet & fuel tank as much as possible. Though you’re unlikely to hit the claimed 80mpg, we found 60mpg easily achievable – with long runs likely to see this number spiral higher.

Brimming with technology to further enhance the driving experience the new Civic 4 door is fully equipped for any long journey. Honda Connect allows you to stay in touch with your life while at the wheel. Make calls, access information and play songs all using your phone's interface via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Do all this and remain absolutely safe thanks to the 8 separate driver assists that come as part of new Honda Sensing.

All used Honda Civics come with a wealth of technology on board; even the entry level S trim included climate control, Bluetooth and alloy wheels. The SE model should come with added cruise control, reversing camera, along with automatic wipers and lights. Move up to the SR and you’ll get Sat Nav and heated seats, whilst the top of the range EX boasts keyless entry, LED headlights and interior ambient lighting.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Honda Civic 4 Door

The four door Honda Civic is one of the best compact cars on the market. If you’re looking for a car that offers families the amount of space they need, it’s worth considering this option. Its boot space is obviously less than the five door option, but there’s still plenty of room here for you to make use of.

It’s long history and reputation as a strong family car with a range of great features is not to be ignored. It suggests that it can be relied on to provide families with the reliability, space and comfort they need most of all from their family car.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Honda Civic 5 Door

If you like what the Civic has to offer but you’ve been torn between the Civic 4 Door and the Civic 5 door, the easiest way to decide is to consider the amount of boot and storage space you think you’ll need. If you want the extra boot room offered by most sedan cars, the five door is certainly the car for you. The boot is both wide and deep enough to provide the additional space you might require.

Engines and Options

There have been many different engines used in the Honda Civic over the years. By the early 1980s, all Honda Civics used CVCC engine designs. While by the sixth generation, the engine for the Civic was a 1.6-litre engine, although some trim levels were now utilising 1.8-litre engines. The K-series engine was introduced with the seventh generation.

In the tenth generation there are two petrol and two diesel engine choices available. The petrol’s are 1.0 VTEC Turbos with either CVT or 6MT and the diesels are both 1.6L i-DTECs in 6MT or 9AT transmissions.

The History and Development of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has always been considered a family-oriented car and this is not something that looks set to change anytime soon.

1970’s – First and Second Generation

The Civic was first created and released on the market in the early 1970s. At that time, there was an increased demand for family cars and the Civic managed to successfully answer this demand. In 1973, the Civic was available as both a two door model and a four door model. There would be three and five door models but they followed a little later.

When the second generation of the Honda Civic arrived in 1979, it was available as a three door hatchback or a four door saloon, catering to two different markets with the same vehicle. A five door hatchback, as well as a five door saloon, was also released later as part of this generational shift in the Civic’s lifecycle.

2000 – Seventh Generation

It was in the seventh generation of the Honda Civic that now significant changes were afoot. The year was 2000 and the generation lasted for five years in total. It saw a number of new trim levels, including DX, LX, EX and HX.

2005 – Eight Generation

The Honda Civic has three base models in Europe for the eighth generation beginning in 2005. There was a saloon, a coupe and a compact hatchback model.

2012 – Ninth Generation

The same was true for the ninth generation, which launched in 2012. There were some key changes introduced with this new model. These include Honda’s new Eco Assist Technology, as well as the new anti-lock brake, vehicle stability assistance and electronic brake distribution systems, all of which now came as standard with the Civic.

2016 – Tenth Generation

2016 saw the release of the five door sedan model and it was the interior that saw the biggest change; the driver information interface, which enables customisation and is a great example of modern vehicle technology.

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