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The fastest and most powerful model to date, and only the second in Honda history to be turbocharged the Civic Type R won’t disappoint. With the ability to switch from daytime hatchback to hardcore performance car in an instant, the Honda Civic Type R is the most versatile in it’s class. The ninth generation Civic now includes a GT trim, which includes night driving features, and a dual zone climate control system. Putting the Type R slightly in front of the Civic especially if you’re a fan of speed.

Honda Civic Type R

Expert Opinion

Honda's famed red 'R' badge has once again taken its rightful place on the rear of a Civic, revealing the latest chapter in performance supremacy – the Honda Civic Type R. This racing-bred hatchback has left a significant mark on the hot hatch landscape and now returns with more vigor than ever. The updated 2.0-litre VTEC turbocharged engine is a marvel of engineering, churning out an impressive 329 PS.

Every inch of the Civic Type R screams racing DNA. The bold and aggressive design is functional as much as it is eye-catching. At the rear, the triad of central exhaust pipes, accompanied by a race-inspired diffuser, makes a statement of both style and aerodynamic efficiency. The Honda Civic Type R even caters to your tech-savvy side. It houses the sophisticated Honda’s CONNECT infotainment system which boasts a user-friendly 9” touchscreen. The integration of Bluetooth® connectivity, DAB radio, an 8-speaker sound system, as well as Apple CarPlay compatibility, ensures that your driving soundtrack and connectivity are a seamless part of the experience.

The Honda Civic Type R is not just a car; it is an encapsulation of Honda's racing spirit — all packed into a street-legal road car that excites with every rev. Its astounding performance profile, coupled with technology-packed interiors and hassle-free convenience features, makes it not only one of the quickest front-wheel-drive cars but also an impressive daily driver. To sum it up, the Civic Type R is a triumph of engineering that pushes the boundaries of what a hot hatch can be.

Reasons to buy a used Civic Type R:

Performance: The Civic Type R provides a level of performance that goes above and beyond. It’s updated turbocharged 2.0-litre VTEC engine launches from 0-62mph in just 5.4secs, and it doesn’t have to be a new Type R to reach those speeds.

Style: The Type R is as style as it is performance based, with it’s racing design and sleek lines, the Type R is sure to turn heads on the road and is never going out of fashion.

Affordability: Even the new Civic Type R wont break the bank, but our range of used Civic Type Rs are a good choice for budget conscious buyers with a need for speed.

Driving Experience: Not only will the Type R give you an exciting driving experience, but it’ll give you a comfortable one, perfect for those long journeys. The seats have excellent adjustability and boot space has a capacity of between 410 litres and 1,212 litres.

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Civic Type R Updates

Honda's iconic Civic Type R has been a benchmark in the hot hatch segment, attracting enthusiasts with its blend of performance and practicality. Major updates have been made to the Civic Type R over its generations, keeping it at the forefront of automotive engineering and design.

The original Civic Type R set hearts racing with its B16B engine – a marvel of its time that produced unrivalled power density. Moving through the generations, the Honda Civic Type R based on the seventh-generation Civic switched up the ante with its 2.0 i-VTEC engine. This engine retained Honda's famed high-revving characteristics while incorporating variable valve timing technology to provide an exhilarating performance consistent across different versions and trims.

Over the years, each new release of the Civic Type R included upgrades to harness more power, deliver sharper handling, and offer a driving experience that's both raw and refined. This is prevalent even in used Honda Civic Type R’s, prospective owners get a vehicle crafted with a focus on thrilling dynamics, a storied racing pedigree, and the practicality for everyday use. We think its a no brainer.

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