Used Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is a high performance version of the classic Honda Civic.

The History and Development of the Honda Civic Type R

When the Honda Civic Type R first arrived, it was based entirely on the very popular sixth generation of the base Honda Civic. That base model has achieved considerable success and the new generation saw a range of iterations and trim levels to apparel to different target markets. The Honda Civic Type R is clearly an example of that.

The idea was that Honda could take the base attributes and performance levels of the Civic and create a high performance car capable of track performance from there. When tested, the performance level of the Type R was very impressive indeed.

The Civic R Type Motor Sports edition was unveiled in 1998 and saw changes that were far more suited to professional motor sports driving, as the name suggests. Consequently, a lot of the conveniences and things that made the car comfortable for modern drivers were removed.

Since then, there have been various iterations of the Civic Type R. They were generally tied to the new generation of the bad Civic. With each new generation, a new Type R based on it was introduced.

The most recent versions of the Honda Civic Type R are the FK2 based on the ninth generation of the Civic and the FN2, based on the eight generation Civic. The latest trims available for the Type R include the GT which offers night driving features and a dual zone climate control system, the Type R Heritage which offers a more up to date infotainment system, and the Type R Race which is much lighter than previous models.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Honda Civic Type R

The Civic Type R offers a range advantage and features that other Honda cars and other cars of this size and scale simply can’t provide. It not only offers the features, interior space and boot space that’s important to so many people, but it also is able to provide a level of performance that goes above and beyond. The engine is a high performance option and it’s more than enough when compared to what most people are looking for.

It’s not just about the performance and internal configuration of the car either. For many people, the thing that’s appealing about the Honda Civic Type R is the sporty style and design of the vehicle. It’s a very attractive design and the little red details and touches that signify the Type R iteration are impossible to ignore. It looks great and it offers more style than most cars of its kind.

All in all, the Type R is a very good car and it’s durability and reliability make it a great option to choose when you’re looking for a new used vehicle. The style, performance and affordability keep it appealing to all kinds of drivers and there are plenty of great uses options out there.

Engines and Options

When first released, Honda Civic Type R had a B168B engine. This was significant because at the time, this engine was capable of the very best power output per litre of any engine that had been released at that point in time. Placing this engine in the newly designed Civic body yielded impressive results.

The EP3 based on the seventh generation Civic used a 2.0 i-VTEC engine. And this has been relatively consistent since then. Though there are variations between iterations and various trim levels of the Civic Type R.

The Honda Civic Type R offers a lot that you’ll love, so make the most of that and consider buying one of your own. Get in touch for further assistance or any help with any questions you might have.

Used Honda Civic Type R for sale in Bolton and Stockport.

The fastest and most powerful model to date and only the second in Honda history to be turbocharged the Civic Type R won’t disappoint. With the ability to switch from daytime hatchback to hardcore performance car in an instant the Honda Civic Type R is the most versatile in it’s class.

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