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Honda's first foray into the electric vehicle market is the Honda e, a fully-electric car that's quirky and ahead of its time. So, when the higher-ups at Honda say it will feel like a Honda, you know this is the truth. The even better news is that a used Honda e is set now available after the first summer deliveries this year.

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Is the Honda e Different?

The Honda e, whether used or new, isn't much different than the car you see in front of you because it was only released in 2020. However, there were prototypes, and the Honda e is based on the Honda Urban EV concept car, the designs and plans of which were released in 2017. The real version might not be exactly the same as what Honda promised a few years ago, yet it's still enough for motorists and reviewers to laud the e, particularly its design.

What Do You Get from a Used Honda e?

The reason people are excited about the used Honda e is down to the specifications. First and foremost, the battery claims a mileage of 136 miles when fully charged, which is pretty impressive. Sure, bigger vehicles can go further for longer, but the Honda e is a city car, so the battery life is perfect for multiple trips in built-up areas without constantly recharging.

Engine-wise, there are two options available - the top range model and the more conservative version. The former has an e-motor that can deliver as many as 152 horses, getting you from 0-60 is around 8 seconds. The less powerful unit is still nippy. It has 134 brake horses under the bonnet and is quite quick to 30mph, where it will be used the most.

It's well-balanced - the battery is in the middle of the car to even out the weight - and the steering is light and intuitive, making it ideal for driving in urban areas. The main draw is the design.

The Trim & Interior

The style is the feature car-lovers admire the most because it's a perfect combination of futuristic and retro. The box-like chassis is reminiscent of old-school Honda models that people have enjoyed for decades, and the colour choices - you can get it in yellow highlighter paint as well as white, black, grey, and blue - are charming. Yet, the interior takes on a whole new world.

As soon as you get behind the wheel, you'll notice the flat screens that sit side by side on top of the dashboard. The 12.3-inch touchscreens are intelligent and practical, allowing the front passenger to search for information and share it on the driver's screen. Honda Assistant is expected in the future, along with an application for owners to download.

The crown's jewel is the mirrors that are positioned in the far corner of both ends of the dashboard. Although they look cosmetic, they are what drivers use instead of wing mirrors (the Honda e doesn't have any) to view passengers and traffic.

The Advantages of Buying a Used Honda e

Everybody likes the idea of negotiating a deal for a brand new motor. Of course, it's usually a pipe dream for many people as the prices are too high. Starting out at around £30,000, the Honda e is no different. However, a used Honda e at Swansway Garages is a much cheaper option for drivers who want to go electric without the hassle.

You can also tell whether a used Honda e is reliable by checking its mileage and vehicle history. Both of these properties are available at our garages and showrooms, meaning it's easy to decide whether a vehicle is suitable before signing on the dotted line.

Plus, don't forget that a used car is an asset since the depreciation value is less. Therefore, you should be able to re-sell your EV for around the same amount you bought it for!

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