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Used Honda Jazz Hybrid

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The Honda Jazz Hybrid is the latest iteration of Honda’s iconic supermini. With a spacious cabin, a comfortable ride and even versatile seating, the Jazz has also been upgraded with some eco-friendly tweaks to make it more appealing to the current generation of environmentally-conscious drivers.

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The Jazz Hybrid comes in two varieties; a standard version and a rugged “Crosstar” version. The Crosstar version will likely be more expensive but offers a completely different styling and will likely be arriving with different specs than the standard Jazz hybrid. The top spec is likely going to include a variety of tech features such as smartphone support with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while also including a more luxurious interior with leather seats.

Jazz Hybrid Engine and Drive

The Jazz Hybrid is set to become one of the most accessible hybrids on the market thanks to its low cost and relatively powerful 1.3-litre petrol engine for its size. Its combined output just about reaches 114bhp and works incredibly well in almost every situation. The dynamics have also been improved, and in total, the Jazz Hybrid manages a fantastic 62.8mpg while only putting out 104g/km of CO2. This is far better than any standard petrol car but comes short when it compares to small efficient diesels. Unfortunately, its figures mean that it won’t be exempt from annual road tax or London congestion charge. However, a later version that meets the 100g/km figure is in the works and should come later in the future.

While the drivetrain is a large upgrade, everything else has been relatively tame in comparison. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Jazz was always a responsible and feature-rich car to begin with, so its recent upgrade to a hybrid engine doesn’t force change where it’s not needed. While it has a couple of unique styling options to set itself apart from its younger petrol sibling, the tweaks to the vehicle are minor and all provide some benefit.

For instance, the suspension has been updated which gives it a slightly more comfortable ride that is noticeable if you’ve ever driven the petrol Jazz. Its lighter controls and assistance features make it a joy to drive, even through busy and tight streets. It does falter a little during long-distance trips as the engine can be quite noisy, but this is more than made up for thanks to the spacious interior and boot.

The Honda Sensing package gives the Jazz hybrid all of the safety features you can expect to see in a modern vehicle. Whether it’s a high-definition camera, autonomous braking or pedestrian and cyclist detection, everything you need to be safer on the road will be included in all trim levels of the Jazz hybrid. However, you can expect additional safety features to be present in the more expensive trims.

Overall, while the upgrade to a hybrid engine doesn’t come without its flaws, it’s certainly a welcome upgrade for anyone that is looking for a more environmentally-friendly vehicle to replace their existing one.

Buying a Used Jazz Hybrid

When it comes to buying a used hybrid car, there are usually a plethora of concerns regarding its longevity and usability. We’re happy to say that, like most modern hybrid cars, the Jazz offers outstanding reliability.

Buying a used Jazz hybrid is a smart move if you’re switching away from a petrol vehicle, or even if you want to downsize from a larger car to something more manoeuvrable while still retaining a lot of space. While it’s not exempt from road tax and London congestion charge, it’s still an efficient vehicle that is a joy to drive and comes with a few useful upgrades over its predecessors.

One of the main concerns in buying a hybrid is the condition of the battery. All it takes is a few dead cells to make the car perform a lot worse, but luckily, used hybrid cars are always checked thoroughly for any issues before being sold. This includes an inspection of the batteries to ensure that they are all functioning correctly and are healthy enough to last well over a decade. Should there be any issues with the batteries, they can easily be replaced so that they don’t cause any issues in the future.

In short, buying a used Jazz hybrid is a smart choice for any driver looking to upgrade their vehicle to something lighter, smaller and more energy-efficient. With its fairly impressive output, spacious interior, practical features and colour options, it will surely win over many drivers.

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