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About Honda Jazz

The Jazz is one of Honda’s leading car models. It’s a five door supermini that’s been around since 2001. Since then, it’s proved very popular with drivers and has reached its fourth generation. With a reputation for ease of use and safety, it’s considered a great city car, suitable for families. One of the things that the car is known for is its re-configurable interior, known as Honda magic seats, allowing the owner to increase or decrease the cargo volume as and when they need. This means that cargo space doesn’t have to be sacrificed in those times when you really need it. Here’s more about the Honda Jazz.

Expert Opinion

The Honda Jazz represents a significant player in the supermini class, with a reputation for reliability and practicality that outshines many of its rivals. What sets the Jazz apart is its innovative use of interior space, largely credited to the 'Honda Magic Seats' system. This feature provides a versatility rarely seen in this segment, allowing owners to increase the cargo volume as needed – catering not only to daily commutes but also to more demanding transport tasks.

From a performance standpoint, the Jazz maintains Honda's benchmark for building dependable and efficient engines. It provides a balanced ride that's tuned more towards comfort than sportiness. But the Jazz still gives a sporty look with its black alloys, the addition of red accent lines on the bumper, and LED daytime running lights added to newer models.

The Honda Jazz is a well-rounded compact car that ticks many boxes for those requiring an adaptable, reliable, and stylish vehicle for city driving and beyond. It is a testament to Honda's commitment to blending functionality with enjoyment, making the Jazz a favourite for a wide range of consumers.

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Reasons to buy a used Honda Jazz

Trim: With 7 colours to chose from including the popular White Orchid Pearl and Sunset Orange. The Jazz is the perfect car for mixing style with function, especially when you look at the standard features in this compact car like parking sensors, the Honda Connect infotainment system and Bluetooth.

Practicality: The Honda Jazz is the perfect city car for all the family, this compact car is contrasted by its spacious interior with Hondas magic seats allowing you to adjust your cargo space to the required size. Not to mention plenty of leg room for all your passengers.

Running Costs: The Honda Jazz is a relatively cheap used car to buy, and running it is just as easy on the pocket. Both road tax and insurance are incredibly low with the Jazz in insurance group 13.

Honda Jazz Updates

The first generation of the Honda Jazz arrived in 2001 and this generation lasted until 2008 before the second generation arrived. The first generation had many of the features we love about the Jazz like its compact design, but the second generation saw a range of improvements.

The height of the car stayed the same but the interior height increased, offering more space to the driver and passengers, without making the car itself any bigger. Greater boot capacity was added to the vehicle, as well as better handling features. There were various trim levels introduced and the Hybrid version of the Jazz offers lower emissions. The third generation of the Honda Jazz was a perfected compact city car, with shorter length, better legroom and a longer wheelbase than the generation that came before it. The interior cargo and passenger space was increased by making some tweaks and changes to the car’s interior as well.

Whichever used Honda Jazz you choose you can be sure it’s been perfectly designed.

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