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The Jazz is one of Honda’s leading car models made by Honda. It’s a five door supermini that’s been around since 2001. Since then, it’s proved very popular with drivers and has reached its fourth generation. With a reputation for ease of use and safety, it’s considered a good city car and suitable for families at the same time.

One of the things that the car is known most for is its re-configurable interior, known as Honda magic seats, allowing the owner to increase or decrease cargo volume as and when they need. This gives the owner more options and means that cargo space doesn’t have to be sacrificed in those times when you really need it. Here’s more about the Honda Jazz.

The History and Development of the Honda Jazz

The first generation of the Honda Jazz arrived in 2001 and this generation lasted until 2008 as the second generation arrived. Very soon into this first generation, Honda new they had a success on its hand. By the end of the first year in production, it was already outselling the Corolla. There are many reasons for this.

The compact design, including the fact that the fuel tank is able to fit under the front seat, make it very appealing. It offered a compact rear suspension system and the seats folded very low to make the most of the space available when extra cargo room was required.

The second generation saw a range of changes arrive for the Honda Jazz. The height of the car stayed the same but the interior height increased, offering more space to the driver and passengers, without making the car itself any bigger. Greater boot capacity was also added to the vehicle, as well as better handling features.

There were various trim levels available as well. The Hybrid version of the car was an electric-gasoline hybrid, offering lower emissions.

The third generation of the Honda Jazz has a shorter length, better legroom and a longer wheelbase than the generation that came before it. The interior cargo and passenger space was increased by making some tweaks and changes to the car’s interior as well.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a car with a lot to offer and that accounts for its enduring popularity among consumers. It’s known as the kind of compact car that you can rely on and the used car market is pretty strong for rigid vehicle. There are lots of high quality examples out there and they age very well indeed. It’s something that the car is known for.

It offers the compact design that most people are looking for when it comes to city driving and it also has the engine and level of performance capability that most people need when buying a car is this kind. It doesn’t waste any of its features and it doesn’t need an ultra high performance engine. But what it has is more than adequate for what it needs to do and that’s what so many people like about it.

If you’re in the market for a used car that you can rely on to do the basic and most important things right, this is the car you’re looking for. The Jazz gets it right and ensures you’re never let down when you’re on the road.

Engines and Options

In Europe, the first generation of the Honda Jazz had two engines available: the 1.2 i-DSI offered the base and the 1.4 engine was available too. The 1.4 engine offered a 5-speed manual standard and CVT-7 as an option.

There were also two engine variants used for the second generation of the vehicle. These were the 90 PS 1.2-liter i-VTEC and a 100PS 1.4-liter i-VTEC. Both of these were efficient engines and they were known for offering lower carbon emissions as well.

There are 7 colours to choose from including the popular White Orchid Pearl and Sunset Orange, all finished with sporty black alloys which bring a whole new lease of life to the Jazz. It's also been redesigned with added attractions including subtle red accent lines on the rear bumper and LED daytime running lights too.

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