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About Honda HR-V

Stylish, versatile and practical, the new Honda HR-V is the small SUV with big personality. The HR-V is Honda’s smallest and sportiest SUV available as part of its line-up. It features sleek styling and swoopy design elements such as wraparound headlights and a large imposing grille. Designed for those who want to sit a little higher up, but don’t want the larger overall size that comes with a traditional SUV. Approved used HR-V cars are ideal for people who want the reliability and handling performance that comes with the HR-V. Let’s take a look at it in a little more detail.

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Expert Opinion

The Honda HR-V packs a punch in the increasingly competitive subcompact SUV market. Starting with its aesthetics, the HR-V sports a dynamic and youthful look. Wraparound headlights and sizable, imposing grille give it a confident road presence that's hard to miss. The sleek lines flow from front to back, exuding sportiness that Honda promises in the drive.

Inside, the HR-V does not disappoint. From cruise control, climate control and a multifunctional steering wheel, it's clear Honda designed the HR-V's cabin with convenience and functionality in mind. Notably, the flip-up back seats illustrate ingenious use of space – a feature that not only creates more cargo room but also adds versatility in the subcompact SUV.

For individuals who balance the hustle of city travel with the call of weekend adventures, the Honda HR-V is an appealing contender. It speaks to those seeking the sportiness of a hatchback, and the robustness of an SUV without compromise. For those considering this compact yet characterful vehicle, the HR-V proves itself as a worthwhile candidate in your SUV search.

Reasons to buy a HR-V

Performance: Its front-wheel-drive setup provides the HR-V with agility in urban environments. Managing to smooth out bumps in the road and staying stable at high speeds.

Comfort: The HR-V is designed with comfort in mind it has an elevated driving position many drivers look for in an SUV. To its infotainment system and multifunctional steering wheel shows that comfort was at the forefront of Hondas mind.

Exterior: There’s no denying that the Honda HR-V will turn heads on the road. The HR-V has a futuristic and aggressive look that’s hard to find in older models. For a smaller SUV it still stands out from the crowd.

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V Updates

The first generation of the HR-V was based on the Honda Logo and was released in 1999. There were both three and five door options available. The next time the HR-V was released, it was based on the third generation of the Honda Jazz. It was essentially a crossover SUV based on the very successful compact Jazz that has been released earlier. It was a sales success after removing the three door option and leaning into it’s SUV shape. In 2019, the HR-V went through a mid-cycle refresh and as a result, many upgrades were made, including the introduction of Sport and the Touring versions, in addition to its S and SE specifications. The second generation HR-V remains one of the most popular and succession crossover SUVs on the market, known for its strong safety record. Making investing in a used Honda HR-V a great choice.

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