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About the Honda CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z is a manual hybrid which still holds all the fun of a petrol or diesel car when it comes to driving experience. The engine utilizes a start-stop system to switch off the engine in traffic, cutting emissions and helping to increase fuel economy. There are three driving modes, and an Eco assist gauge that helps to coach you into better, more economically minded driving habits. This hybrid sports car is compact and sleek making it a great car no mater where you’re driving.

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Expert Opinion

The Honda CR-Z strikes a unique balance within the compact car segment, with its blend of hybrid efficiency and sports-like ambition. Designed for the environmentally conscious driver with a passion for spirited driving, it offers a package that wasn’t common in the market.

The design of the CR-Z speaks to its dual nature. The exterior lines are aggressive enough to suggest sportiness, yet maintain an elegance that aligns with its eco-friendly ethos. Inside, the CR-Z is surprisingly comfortable for a compact car, and though rear seating is limited, it is a cocoon of driver-oriented ergonomics.

The Honda CR-Z offers three distinct driving modes – Econ, Normal, and Sport. 'Econ' mode optimizes the vehicle's systems for maximum fuel efficiency, while 'Sport' mode sharpens the throttle response and steering feel, for a more dynamic drive. 'Normal' mode offers a balance of efficiency and performance, suitable for everyday driving. Meaning you have a truly customizable driving experience.

The Honda CR-Z is something of a niche vehicle; it won't suit everybody. Yet, for the right driver—one who values environmental consideration without wishing to forfeit the driving joy—it's a gem.

Reasons to buy a CR-Z

Driving Experience: The three driving modes significantly change the car's character, allowing drivers to switch between a frugal, economy-minded ride and a more responsive, sporty experience.

Regenerative Breaking: The CR-Z uses a regenerative braking system, which recoups energy during braking and deceleration, storing it in the battery for later use and adding to its fuel efficient values.

Lightweight: Unlike many hybrid models that tend to carry extra weight due to their battery packs, the CR-Z remains lightweight. This not only aids in achieving better fuel efficiency but provides a nimbler and more responsive driving experience—a joy for those who love a car with an enthusiastic character.

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Honda CR-Z Updates

The CR-Z only had a short production run, although several changes were made to the line-up in that time. Honda experimented with tuning firm Mugen to bring a CR-Z Mugen to market, a higher-performance offering, though the supercharged model was never officially sold in the UK. A special Mugen ‘RZ’ was later sold in Japan and limited to just 300 units. An updated CR-Z reached UK showrooms in 2013, with a slight increase in performance from a new IMA hybrid system and revised engine, amounting to an extra 13bhp, which helped to cut nearly a second off the 0-60mph time, but without comprising on efficiency. New colours, a revised front bumper and a revised front grille also featured on the model.

The CR-Z was discontinued globally in 2016, although the model was taken off sale in the UK in 2015.

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