Used Honda CR-V Hybrid

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CR-V Hybrid Engine Options

The most recent iteration of this popular SUV comes with no diesel option, instead opting for turbo petrol with a manual or CVT gearbox, or a hybrid version that uses two electric motors with a 2.0-litre petrol engine. This is the very first time that Honda has offered the CR-V in a hybrid setup.

Honda’s take on a hybrid form provides three different methods of propulsion, making it one of the more interesting hybrid cars on the market. These are hybrid drive, engine drive and EV drive. These modes are switched automatically depending on the speed you’re going.

However, due to the presence of its batteries under the floor, there’s actually no space to make the hybrid a 7-seater, unlike the petrol variety. With that said, you’re still getting more effective MPG with the CRV-V and most of the internals, such as the infotainment system, are still the same.

The CR-V’s 2.0-litre engine is capable of producing 143bhp, but it can be increased to 181bhp with assistance from the electric motor. 0-62 takes roughly 8.8 seconds in the front-wheel-drive models and 9.2 seconds in the all-wheel-drive versions, but both share a top speed of 112mph.

CR-V Hybrid Trim Options

There are four trims for the CR-V hybrid: S, SE, SR and EX.

The first three trims have front-wheel-drive as an option while an all-wheel-drive option is available on the SE and SR. All-wheel-drive is the only available option on the EX trim.

The S is considered the entry-level model and comes with all of the features you could expect from a kitted-out Honda car. This includes a plethora of safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. This means that all trims contain these basic safety features, so you’re not going to be missing out if you do decide on an entry-level model.

In terms of upgrades, the SE adds parking sensors and a rear-view camera. There’s also support for smartphone technologies like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Moving up a trim, the SR adds blind-spot and cross-traffic monitoring, smart entry and start, cornering lights and leather trim.

The top-end EX trim goes even further with a heated steering wheel and rear seats, hands-free powered tailgate, a panoramic glass sunroof and a new heads-up display. This top-spec CR-V is expected to be the most popular model thanks to its features and the all-wheel-drive option.

Buying a Used CR-V Hybrid

Buying a second-hand CR-V hybrid is a smart idea thanks to its wide range of features, a comfortable ride and multiple trims and engine options.

When it comes to buying a used hybrid car, batteries are often the main concern in terms of reliability. A lot of people assume that, much like conventional batteries, they can fail after being used for a long time and will likely need to be replaced. Thankfully, reliability isn’t a concern as their batteries have been known to last an incredibly long time. Batteries in older Honda vehicles were known to last roughly 15 years if taken care of, and with the CR-V hybrid being relatively new, buying a used model won’t cause any concerns as the battery will be thoroughly inspected and tested before the car is sold. Even after a decade, you can expect that you only need to replace a couple of dead cells in your battery packs, making it a cheap and inexpensive form of maintenance for your used CR-V.

Hybrid components also don’t need much replacing because there are fewer mechanical parts that could lead to worse reliability. The technology inside of a CR-V hybrid is solid and trustworthy, making it a fantastic option as a used car purchase.

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