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So, you have decided to get a new car. You may be considering both brand new and used cars, but as new cars depreciate so quickly after you drive them off the forecourt, if you’re looking to save yourself some money on the ‘buy new’ price, you may be better off purchasing a great quality second-hand car. And what better type of second-hand car can you get than an Approved Used Audi.

Audi cars are a statement piece, they look great, have all the mod cons you're looking for and come in a wide range of models and sizes and colours to fit all of you out there. So if you are thinking of getting a new car, it’s definitely worth considering your second hand Audi options.

We have a wide variety of Audi cars available. So you are sure to find something you like. Here are some details on the ranges and models of Audi car you can get from us:

A1 Range , including the Sportback and Citycarver - this is Audi's smallest car range but by no means the least. It is a popular compact unit, with 5 doors, and a well finished interior, better than its competitors, and it also holds its value pretty well. So you will be picking up a bargain if you purchased one of these used Audis.

A3 Range, including the Saloon, Sportback, Sportback TFSI e and Cabriolet - this is a sporty number and well worth the money. It is stylish and looks good. It is a car which exudes quality. It has a great engine and well-built cabin. You will love driving around in one of these used Audi cars.

A4, including the Saloon, Allroad and Avant - these are great compact executive cars. They are spacious units and make a suitable option for those of you out there with a family. The models have some excellent deluxe features that you will enjoy. It is a driver-focussed car and therefore a pleasure to drive. They are excellent second-hand cars.

Yellow Audi A1 exterior front driving down the road

A5, including the Coupé, Sportback and Cabriolet - This is a beautiful looking car, dynamically made to offer the driver every mod con, and an extremely comfortable driving experience. It has a great engine which purrs like a baby, and a stunning interior you won’t want to leave. You are sure to find a perfect used Audi car for your needs in the A5 range.

A6, Allroad, Avant, Saloon – the A6 is an executive car, so if you want to appear important, this is the range of car for you. The design is innovative and intelligent, and it is an elegant and sophisticated car with plenty of interior space. It grips the road beautifully, and when you drive it, you know, you are in a masterclass of motoring style and design.

A7, The A7 Sportback is an award-winning car and has it all. A streamlined exterior in which you can choose your own trim for individuality. The A7 range, now including a plug-in hybrid model with the A7 TFSI e, screams strength, agility and efficiency. It is partially built with an aluminium chassis so is lighter than the steel counterparts. Overall this is a highly refined car and getting one-second hand simply feels like a steal. You can’t go wrong.

A8, the Audi ranges greatest luxury saloon car, which covers all the bases. Great and stylish interior, stunning exterior, a pleasure to drive. A great bargain as a second-hand car, with the option of a longer wheelbase, with the A8 L, and also a hybrid variant with the A8 TFSI e.

E-tron, this is a rather conventional-looking Audi, but with a difference - it is an electric car. With the new Audi e-tron range now featuring the e-tron, e-tron Sportback, e-tron S, e-tron S Sportback, and e-tron GT, to get such a great Audi in electric second hand is a bargain. What with the push towards electric vehicles, if you are that way inclined it makes sense to pick up a decent second hand one.

Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, this is Audi SUV (sport utility vehicle) range. They look great like all Audi cars do and make you feel like you are the king of the road. So you get both the stylish car feel plus the rugged off-road vehicle feel at the same time. It may be a little confusing at first, but a highly enjoyable drive. Well worth a visit to the second-hand Audi centres.

R8, there is nothing quite like this beauty on the road for the price. This is a stunning two door sports car and will make you feel like you’ve made it.

RS Range, including RS Q3, RS3, RS4, RS4 Avant, RS5, RS6, RS6 Avant, RS7, RSQ8 - these are high-performance versions of other cars in the Audi range. So if performance is your thing, then these are the cars for you. Come down to our showroom and take a look at the wide variety of cars we have on offer.

S Range, including S1, S3, S4, S4 Avant, S5, S6 Avant, S7, S8 - like the Audi RS range the S Range is also another high performing version of other Audi cars. It is a trimmed package, and the car is designed to look sportier. It is a great buy second hand.

SQ Range, including SQ2, SQ5, SQ7, SQ8 - this is another range of SUV vehicles, but the sportier version. It is ideal for someone who enjoys the SUV but wants a little more sporty style than the Q model can give.

TT Range including the Coupe, Roadster, TT RS, TTS - The Audi TT range is a very elegant coupe-style car. It looks good, feels good on the road, and you will love the way you feel in the driver's seat.

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As you can see the Audi range is wide and there are an awful lot of elegant and stylish cars we have to offer in our Audi second-hand car showrooms. You will not know how you feel about one of these cars until you are behind the wheel and driving it away. When someone looks at an Audi, they know it is a quality car that is made to last. For that reason, they are great second-hand buys. There is no time like the present, get in touch with one of our Audi centres now to find your perfect used Audi on 03308387412.

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