New Audi A7 Range

Gorgeous, glamorous, a glittering star, in fact all the ‘G’s!

There’s no doubting the Audi A7 is a gorgeous looking car, it has a touch of romance about it; you can imagine it wafting you around the French Riviera, delivering you to Cannes and waiting to transport you from a lazy lunch in Cap Ferrat.

But, don’t let its luscious looks fool you, the Audi A7 may well have a sumptuous interior and looks to turn heads, but handsome is as handsome does and this car definitely does!

Packed with driver assistance features, which actually complement your driving and help keep you and yours safe; not gimmicks, not bolted on afterthoughts, but genuinely helpful assistance.

It’s dual-screen infotainment system, with haptics, brings a touch of the spaceship to the interior, but it’s simple to use and easy on the eye.

The A7 also has 48V mild hybrid technology giving you a smarter start-stop system and emission free costing, it even recuperates energy when you brake.

Perhaps surprisingly for a fairly large, but low-slung car, your rear seat passengers won’t be complaining about lack of space, though whether you want to share of course, is up to you!

This is car that’s full of interesting little surprises, the headlights and rear lights wave a fond farewell when you move-off, it may not have too much practical use other than alerting others that you’re leaving, but it does look amazingly cool.

This is a car that you need to see, to feel, to drive and to be.

Explore the Audi A7 range by choosing one of the models below:

The Audi A7 range offers style, power and practicality all at the same time.

The A7 Sportback and S7 Sportback come with a choice of quattro or ultra engines to choose from .

The S7 Sportback offers a powerful V8 engine under the bonnet, capable of going 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds.