Used Audi A5 for sale

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Side view of a blue Audi A5 Sportback

What can I expect from a used Audi A5?

Available in sportback, cabriolet convertible and coupé variants, an Audi A5 is a great alternative to the Mercedes C-Class Coupe and BMW 4 Series. It is plusher inside when compared with these models, as well as being more practical, particularly when opting for the larger A5 sportback. Plus, you can find an Audi A5 for sale with some incredible engines - diesel and petrol.

If you love the sporty, sleek lines of a coupé, but need the practicality that a 2 door coupé just can't provide, then a used Audi A5 sportback could certainly be the for you. With better access to the rear of the cabin, thanks to an extra set of doors, as well as a more practical boot style, it’s ideal for people who want just a little more room. On the other hand, if you fancy the thrill of roof-down motoring, the excellent build quality and a real feeling of luxury in the interior and exterior means the A5 Cabriolet is hard to resist.

Audi is a brand renowned for combining German engineering with superior quality and class, and the Audi A5 is no different.There is a lot to love about the performance of this vehicle. The steering is precise and the A5 grips the road effectively. Plus, if you switch to the adaptive suspension, which is optional, to the former of the two models you can choose from, you will find that going through the bends does not involve much body roll.