New Audi A6 Range

The Audi A6 delivers the ideal combination of luxury and progress, of practicality and excitement. With advanced features that help you on the road, it’s designed to enhance the whole experience of driving.

Explore the Audi A6 range by choosing one below:

The Audi A6 range; a combination of practicality and Style.

Offering great driving comfort with a 5-seat cabin and leather seats as standard. A choice of five models including saloon and avant

We Currently offer many models from the fantastic Audi A6 range. These include; All-New A6 Saloon, A6 Avant, All-New Avant, S6 Saloon, S6 Avant, RS6 Avant.

A6 Saloon - The All-New A6 Saloon is sporty, elegant and features an innovative interior.

A6 Avant - As Audi’s largest estate, the A6 Avant epitomises grand tourer sophistication. It has all the practical essentials you need in an estate, with a generous quota of the luxurious features you want.

S6 Saloon - If the strong diesel engines from the standard Audi A6 saloon aren’t powerful enough for you, the S6’s pleasingly growly V8 engine notes will be music to your ears.

S6 Avant - An engaging and athletic sports car, that is also practical and spacious. Something which your family will enjoy every day.

RS6 Avant - Make everyday drives feel like you are motoring on a racetrack with the Audi RS6 Avant.