Used Audi A6

Practicality, style and refinement lie at the heart of the Audi A6.

Audi have always been known for the sleek exteriors and interiors, their nimble handling, their durability and their high-class luxurious driving experiences. Both the Audi A and S lines have proven themselves to be the flagship models of Audi’s best design efforts, and they repeatedly win awards for design innovation and luxury road travel experiences.

Deciding to purchase a used Audi A6 can not only provide you one incredible specimen of a vehicle for a competitive price, but it can help you become a part of the prolonged and famed history of this prized manufacturer.

First introduced in 2004, the A6 served as the third generation of its midsize saloon. Noted for its large, singular grill, its proud presence on the road and its 4.2 Litre V8 engine, the Audi A6 impression then, and it impresses to this day. Since then, the over fifteen years of innovation and prideful design has led to a vehicle that many people would love to own - and with our used car listings, now they have the chance to do so:

Audi A6 Saloon man getting out parked

How Has The Audi A6 Evolved Since Release?

The story of the Audi A6 is the story of Audi doing its best to become one of the most premium manufacturers in Europe, designing their approach to appeal to the corporate world. As such, it found room in combining the best of German efficiency with the pride of a strong road presence, while also ensuring they were sleek, easy to handle, and responsive.

With the S-Line exterior trims and new grilles and bumpers added over time, including full modernizations of the interior, the A6 lines showcase the regularly increasing and luxurious standards of Audi’s flagship line. Regularly competing with the audiences of BMW and Mercedes, it’s not hard to see how certain design ideals have been influenced by, or inspired, their contemporaries.

However, Audi also prioritized their ability to stay adaptable to the market, with their premium, premium plus and prestige trimming options. This meant that routine car financing and mid-level affordability retained large swathes of customers over time.

Advice for Buying a Used/Second Hand Audi A6

Swansway Audi are proud to offer a range of excellent used Audi A6 options. You can sort our availability via trim level, colour and price, and our excellent sales team is there to help you every step of the way. Using your phone, you can find such financing options that help tailor the size of your deposit and long term repayment plan.

We’re also interested in helping you make the most informed purchasing decisions based on environmental metrics too, which is why we clearly list the emission standards and fuel consumption of each car we sell. Please, take the time to browse through our listings and use our technical specifications sheet to help you empower your purchase.

We understand that going for the best car you can is often a long-term and fruitful investment, and we like to empower our customers achieving that.

What Different Options Are Available?

From 2018-present, the A6 is now on its 8th generation, and this offers a range of excellent diesel or petrol options. However, it’s also now possible to sport the Audi A6 hybrid, with its 55 TFSI e Quattro 7AT 252hp engine.

There are four trim levels available for the A6, Premium, Sport, Premium Plus and Prestige, with the S line taking precedence over the sport range.

With different leather trimmings available including widening infotainment screen systems, and enhanced boot room thanks to declinable seats, you can customize near every-level of the A6 with confidence.

The A6 has two engines outside of the hybrid, including a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder serving as the entry-level option, and the even more powerful 3.0 6-cylinder supercharged variant. You can expect both to carry eight speed automatic transmissions for driving comfort and convenience.

If looking for a more down to earth and powerful make, the Audi A6 Allroad comes with a raised ride height profile and plastic cladding - this is more suitable for off-road or rural environments. Furthermore, the Audi A6 Avant and Saloon variants are possible options, providing a larger estate presence with a wagon-like body shape.

Audi A6 Saloon TFSI e driving down the road

Buying A Used Audi A6

If you are looking for an approved used Audi A6, you have come to the right place. Here at Swansway Garages, we can make sure you find the perfect second hand Audi A6 for you, as we have a great selection for you to choose from. Audi is a brand that has long been associated with prestige, luxury, and performance. A lot of people only dream of owning such a vehicle. However, the second hand market means that these cars are way more accessible than ever before.

Why should you consider a second hand Audi A6?

There are a number of different reasons why the Audi A6 is a popular choice, and there have certainly been a number of different improvements to this vehicle over the years as well. For example, all of the 3.0-L V6 engines now have the capability to get 325 lb-ft and 340 hp of torque. In addition to this, there have been a lot of standard features that have been added to this car over the years, including navigation, a bigger MMI, keyless entry, and keyless ignition. There is a lot to like about this car. Not only is it made using premium quality materials but it offers a spacious interior and a user-friendly infotainment system. A lot of people have been impressed with the superior steering and handling the Audi A6 boasts, as well as the fuel economy of the vehicle. You can also expect a well-designed dash, comfortable seats, secure braking, and swift acceleration when you opt for this car.

Why does buying a used vehicle make sense?

Now you know why the Audi A6 is a good choice, let’s take a look at some of the different reasons why you should opt for the used car market....

  • Less depreciation in value - One of the main reasons why people opt for used cars is because new vehicles depreciate in value considerably from the moment they are driven out of the showroom.
  • Excellent value for money - You are always going to get more for your buck when you buy a used vehicle, as your cash is going to go a lot further. This means that you are going to have more money to spend on all of the extras you need such as insurance.
  • Buy a better car - Through shopping in the second hand market you will be able to purchase a better car than you would be able to if you were to buy a new car.