New Audi e-tron Range

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Coming soon: 12 electric vehicles will be added to the Audi e-tron range by 2025

With 12 all-electric production cars planned to be in the Audi e-tron range by 2025, the first of which is joining the line-up of Audi electric cars in the coming months.

Having just pulled the covers off the first Audi all-electric vehicle, the e-tron SUV, will see it's first deliveries towards the end of this year. In 2019, we have the e-tron Sportback to look forward to, which will become the second battery-powered car in the Audi e-tron range.

Not set to stop there, Audi will be adding 10 more electric vehicles to the e-tron range over the next few years. Although full details have yet to be confirmed, Audi have said that they will cover ‘every market from the compact to the full-size class’, while an ‘Avant’ estate of some variety has also been mentioned.

Peter Mertens, Audi board member for technical development, said: “In the future, virtually every market segment will include models powered by a combination of electric motors and a combustion engine that can be charged at an electric outlet.”