Audi is looking to expand its electric vehicle line-up in the shape of a brand-new SUV. Meet the Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype. The new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) is in its final stages of development, at the Ingolstadt factory, and the release of the camouflaged Q6 e-tron images shows the steps Audi is taking to leap forward in electric innovation.

Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype 2

What can we expect?

The brand-new Audi Q6 e-tron is expected to sit between the Audi Q4 and Q8 e-tron models in size, as a finishing touch to Audi’s electric SUV range.

It is expected be revolutionary in terms of performance, range, and charging, setting new limits for the brand in terms of electric power. The new model will be built on a brand-new platform, the PPE or Premium Platform Electric, which was created in collaboration with Porsche and will not be used by the other VW group brands such as CUPRA, SEAT and Volkswagen.

The Audi Q6 e-tron will be an incredibly important model in the Audi line-up, it is expected to be an electric alternative to the popular midsize SUV- the Audi Q5.

OLED Technology - Intelligent Lighting

Audi has also released a look at the brand-new second generation digital OLED rear-lights with Matrix LED headlights, which will be found on the new Q6 e-tron.

Imagine a car that can communicate with other road users by displaying important information through its exterior lights. This is the power of the new communication light, developed by Audi as part of their intelligent display technology. But that's not all. The Audi Q6 e-tron also introduces the world's first active digital light signature, paving the way for the future of Audi lighting technology.

Personalization has never been easier with the incredible new light design found on the Q6 e-tron prototype.

Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype 2
Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype 2
Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype 2
Audi Q6 e-tron Prototype 2
Audi Q6 E-tron Prototype interior

The Digital Stage

Audi has completely updated it’s interior designs for the Q6 e-tron prototype by introducing the digital stage. This connects the 14.5” MMI touch display and 11.9” Virtual Cockpit together, resulting in a huge, curved screen called the MMI panoramic display. The new screen features OLED technology and is within the driver’s reach. Also included in the digital stage, is a seperate MMI front passenger display which features privacy mode and shutter technology to prevent distracting the driver and also provides assistance systems such as navigation.

Audi have also introduced the AR-HUG or Augmented-reality head-up display. This significant advancement in Audi’s technology, reflects a large image across the windscreen in front of the driver, showing speed, traffic sign, assistance and navigation information.

The Q6 is the first Audi model to debut the AIR operating system. This concept is based on the Android operating system and the ‘Audi Assistant’ intelligent voice control. By saying ‘Hey Audi’ the driver or passenger can control over 800 of the car’s functions.

Information can also now be communicated to the driver through light! The brand-new light strip at the bottom of the windscreen dynamically illuminates in different colours and patterns for different events such as using the hazard lights, charging and locking the vehicle.

Interior Design

Thanks to the new PPE platform, the Q6 e-tron prototype has been built solely with the driver and driving experience in mine. The cabin is human centric and suitable for everyday use. There are multiple different storage solutions throughout the interior and useful features such as cupholders and wireless and fast phone charging solutions.

Due to the lack of the transmission tunnel, there is additional legroom for rear passengers and Audi has made it a priority to ensure that the rear centre seat is comfortable.

The Q6 e-tron also has a very spacious boot with 526 litres of capacity and there is an additional 64 litres of storage under the bonnet. For additional convenience the seats can also be folded in the 40:20:40 configuration.

The design of the Q6 e-tron is centred around a feeling of spaciousness, lightness and comfort. An effort has also been made to offer recycled and sustainable materials throughout.

Audi Q6 E-tron Prototype black seats
Audi Q6 E-tron Prototype white seats
Audi Q6 E-tron Prototype
Audi Q6 E-tron Prototype interior

The Audi Q6 e-tron is a game-changing electric vehicle that sets the bar high for the rest of the industry. The excitement is expected to build as we get to see and learn more about the newest electric Audi model. The Q6 is expected to be the first of a wave of new vehicles being introduced by Audi over the next two years, taking their electric range to the next level.

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