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Used Audi Q2

Audi’s smallest SUV, the Q2, is a versatile crossover that retains the Q range’s bold and stylish design. Customise your Q2 with 12 colour selections and a range of technological features to make it unique to you.

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Approved Used Audi Q2 For Sale With Swansway Garages

Small doesn't equal cheap, not with the second hand Audi Q2 for sale with Swansway Garages. The small SUV market is one that is continually growing, and with its superior styling on the exterior and the smart, well-finished interior, you’re choosing a car that looks and runs really well. When it comes to buying a used Audi Q2, you’ll be looking for a vehicle that has everything to suit you. With Swansway Garages, our experts can help.

Fuel-Efficient Options

The approved used Audi Q2 range at Swansway Garages are compact and easy to park, and they are also fuel-efficient. There are three petrol engines and two types of diesel in the range, and most of the 2.0-litre options have Quattro four-wheel drive. The TFSI three-cylinder petrol is an entry-level engine at 113bhp, but it’s chipper enough for a run around town! On the flip side of that, the 148bhp 1.4 TFSI petrol option uses exciting cylinder deactivation technology, which achieves the same fuel economy as the 1.0 engine. The difference? There is a much better performance off-road.

If you prefer diesel options, the second hand Audi Q2 has two options, as mentioned. You want to have a superior fuel economy when you commute and travel, and both of the diesel options offer you this. There is one slightly better option, and that’s the 2.0 TDI.

Infotainment Options

The Audi Q2 is known for having the easiest infotainment system around. The screen is a standard 7.0 inch, and it’s controlled with rotary dials. With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and impressive smartphone capabilities, even in the used options, you have plenty to choose from.

Audi Q2 Trims

At Swansway Garages, our approved used Audi Q2 range comes in a wide variety of trims. Some of those on offer include:


With 16-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, and an electronic tailgate, you will be in the right place to choose the affordable Technik range with Swansway Garages. Equipped with the excellent infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB Radio, and Bluetooth, you get automatic emergency braking, cruise control, rear parking sensors, and auto lights. It’s a well-specced option!


As with the Technik, the Sport offers Audi Drive Select. You can choose between more than one driving mode, from Comfort and Efficiency to Sport. The Sport option comes with different colour options, from silver and grey detailing to red and aluminium interiors. There are sports seats, SatNav, and plenty of options for Sport at Swansway Garages. The second-hand costs are often less than buying new, so really, it’s an investment to choose the Sport trim!

S Line

Similar to the Sport in terms of look, the sporty S Line offers additional LED head and rear lights, rear indicators, and a full styling kit. There are 18-inch alloy wheels on offer, with upholstery made with half leather. The LED interior lighting gives the S Line a whole new look, which is precisely what you’re looking for when shopping for a new (used) car!

Black Edition

An extended version of the S Line, the Black Edition offers a full gloss styling kit, which includes underbody protection, a darker grille, and mirrors. The inlays in the interior are a gloss black, and with larger 19-inch alloy wheels, the used Audi Q2 for sale is available here at Swansway Garages.


This is a model that commands a higher premium price, which offers a trim for those who want as much as possible from their Audi Q2.

Buying With Swansway Garages

The crossover Audi Q2 offers class, style, and the option to have those “big car features” in a more compact SUV. Rivals cannot compete with the quality that the Audi Q2 can bring. It’s an excellent drive, roomy on the interior, and there are plenty of chances for personalisation. At Swansway Garages, we offer a range of approved used Audi Q2. With finance options available and excellent customer service on offer, you can find the right Audi Q2 for your budget and needs. Speaking to our customer service team, you can book an appointment for a test drive with us and see whether we have the used Audi Q2 you’re looking for today.

You want an excellent, responsive drive, sure-footed in handling and comfortable, which is why you need to look at the second hand Audi Q2 for sale today. With many different engines and trim levels, you’ve got some choices to make!

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information above. However, errors may occur. Check with your local centre about items which may affect your decision to purchase. *Please disregard the mileage unless it is verified by an independent mileage search.