Used Audi Q8 for Sale

Bold, luxurious and sporty; The Audi Q8 is everything you could want.

Buying a used / second hand Audi Q8

The good news is if you are looking to buy a used Audi Q8, you will find that there are decent numbers available right now. Although the price of the vehicles will differ depending on the model and how new the vehicles are.

In fact, you will find that the Q8 is Audi's pricier SUV, despite being smaller than its Q7 sibling. Before purchasing, you also need to be aware that the Q8 is a five-seater and not a seven-seater like the Q7. Although that won't bother too many people unless they are looking to trade up from a minivan! Also, with the sleeker lines and advanced tech, if the 7 seats aren’t a deal-breaker, then the Q8 is a stellar option.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the new Q8 has a 3 year (or 60,000-mile warranty). A fact that as we are in 2020, two years maximum from release means you will be covered for at least a year. Additionally, Audi does extended warranties too, something that with so much tech on board may be a smart investment for any secondhand Audi Q8 buyer.

They are not the most common of Audi Q models and their styling and engine power is the most up to date. Something that makes them valuable commodities on the used car market.

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There are three engine choices for the Q8. The first is the gasoline option, which is the 3.0L TFSI V6 8AT. An engine you can expect a hefty 340 HP from it. The second and third options, the 3.0 TDI 8AT and the 3.0L TDI V6 8AT respectively, are both diesel. Although the latter clocks in at (231 HP), with the former being the higher at (286 HP).

Trim levels -

Like many of the Audi models, there are a range of trim levels to look for with the Q8. The most basic of these is the Q8 S line trim. Where you can expect features such as Adaptive Air Sport suspension, a Virtual Cockpit, sports seat (at the front), and HD Matrix LED headlights. Oh, and don't forget the alloy wheels that come in ''5-V-spoke S'S' design too.

The second trim level is the Edition 1, which comes with all the features the S line has, but with a few additional extras. These include automatic climate control across 4 zones, meaning the driver and passengers can maintain environmental temperatures individually to the other occupants of the car. Then there is the Titanium black styling pack, the panoramic glass sunroof, and the 5-twin-spoke design alloy wheels, which add to the aesthetics of the Q8.

Lastly, in the edition 1 trim pack, you can expect an upgrade to the Audi Virtual Cockpit known as 'plus' as well.

The final and most high-end option is known as the Vorsprung. Of course, with this option, you get everything that the Edition 1 and S line has and more.

In particular, buyers go for the Vorsprung option because of the super high end touches like the Bang & Olufsen Sound system and the sports seats in Valcona leather.

Then there is the front seat massage function and the all-wheel steering that this package has to offer as well. The combination of which usually makes the V edition the most expensive but most sought after used Audi Q8 for Sale model around. 

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