Approved Used Audi Q7 for sale

The Q7 is the largest model in Audi's SUV range.

Buying a used / second hand Audi Q7

When buying an Approved Used Audi Q7, there are a few things worth knowing and looking out for.

The first is that a great deal of the features that come with these models are optional. What this means is that each vehicle you look at could potentially be fully kitted out or be at the standard factory level. Something well worth getting a detailed breakdown of.

Also, the 3.0-litre turbo diesels are a great buy if you aren't too worried about getting top performance and efficiency. In fact, comparatively speaking, you are most likely to get a good deal on these models as there are more around that any of the others. 

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How the Audi Q7 has evolved since release

The first of these being in 2006, while the last iteration was released in 2019. In fact, over this time, you will find that a whole load of improvements have occurred. Notably, in the 2019 version, the addition of the stylish octagon front grill, and the blade front bumper to the front exterior of the car. ​Additionally, in the 2019 version of the Q7, you will find that the performance has been tweaked as well. This being due to the addition of a new belt starter generator, which helps to keep fuel consumption as low as possible.

Of course, the Audi Q7 range is no stranger to changes and improvements with some like the 4.2-litre V8 turbodiesel occurring just a year after the original launch in 2006.

2009 however, was the year of aesthetic improvements with particular attention being paid to the lights and front grille. While in the same year, things under the hood also got a boost. One of the ways in which this happened was with the addition of a 4.2-litre turbo diesel model that increased power by 15bhp.

2010 then saw the 3.6-litre and 4.2-litre V8 models launched as well as an 8-speed automatic across all versions. Three developments which also helped to make the Audi Q7 much more economical vehicle.

Economy was also the name of the game in 2012 as well. While in 2015, the main changes were centered around the Q7 being built on a new MLB Evo platform. Something that made it much lighter and enables the engines to be up to 28 percent more efficient. Which takes us up to the 2019 version changes described above. 

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Engines options

Additionally, before you begin your search for a used for sale you will need to familiarise yourself with the different options available. A topic you can get some more details on in the following section.

First of all, there are three main engine types available for the Q7, the petrol or gasoline options, the diesel options, and the electric option. Of course, it bears saying that the electric option is only available in the 2019 model. While there are 3 petrol models and 2 diesel options also available for this version of the Q7.

However, this is not a constant across all the years of the Q7 release. In fact, in 2015, you will find 2 diesel and one petrol models. Whereas there are no diesels at all in 2009. However, in the 2006 first release, there were 2 petrol models and 3 diesel to choose from.

Trim levels

It is also worth knowing that the Audi Q7 comes in different trim levels as well. 4 different ones, in fact. The first trim level is the Sport. This is where you will find features such as a rear-view camera, LED headlights, and 5-V-spoke star’ design alloy wheels. You'll also get MMI Navigation Plus and the much sought after Audi Virtual Cockpit. The latter being both very clear and easy to use and running entirely on touch screen technology.

Then there is the S line, which is the next level up from the Sport. That means if you choose this option, you get everything that the Sport model has. Then you will get the additional aesthetic tweaks such as the S line exterior styling, privacy glass, and ‘5-spoke turbine’ design alloy wheels. You can also expect Valcona leather seats, and sport seats in the front of the S line as well.

Next on the scale is the Black Edition, which, yep, you've guessed it comes with all the trim of the S line and then some. This means automatic climate control across 4 zones, air sport suspension, and 10-spoke alloy wheels. Of course, this version comes with the titanium black styling pack too, and there is a fancy polished oak inlay on the inside to enjoy as well.

Finally, as is the case with most Audi models, the top level of trim is the Vorsprung. Once again, if you opt for this pack, you can expect everything that the preceding level offers, along with the most top-end trims. That will include all-wheel steering, supersport seats, and matrix headlights. Along with a rather fancy BOSE Sound system and the 5-V-Spoke star alloys as well.

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