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New Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Choose from a variety of Electric and Hybrid vehicles at Swansway Motor Group

Many people are starting to make the switch from full petrol/diesel vehicles to electric or hybrid vehicles. This is new territory for many people, what’s the difference between an electric and a hybrid vehicle we hear you ask. Well, an electric car is fully electric, it runs solely on the electric that it’s charged up with, and when it runs out, like your phone you’ll need to plug it in again. Whereas a Hybrid vehicle can run on electric and it can also run on fuel. So you can charge it up, fuel it up or both for those longer journeys! If you’re looking to take that next step into the world of electric vehicles, or are simply looking for an upgrade, we’ve got all the information you could need. Take a look below at the current range of Electric and Hybrid cars that we have available here at Swansway Motor Group.

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At Swansway Motor Group we have a variety of Electric and Hybrid vehicles available to choose from. Don’t know your ACs from your FCVs? We’ve put together a guide to busting electric vehicle (EV) jargon, so worry no longer.

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