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New BYD Cars in Cheshire

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New BYD Cars for Sale at Swansway BYD

Here at Swansway BYD we are proud to offer the full range of brand-new BYD cars for sale. With dealerships based in Chester and Crewe, our expert teams are on hand to help you find the perfect new car for you. BYD are experts in producing innovative and exciting, new electric cars. Established in 1995 as a battery manufacturer, BYD have taken things to the next level and are leading the charge as a new electric vehicle retailer.

The BYD new car range features a variety of innovative cars that have taken the UK market by storm. As the first BYD to reach the UK, the Atto 3 is the perfect small family SUV. The Dolphin has also made an impact since it’s arrival and has won multiple awards including Carbuyer’s ‘Best Small Electric Car’ for 2024. Both are affordable electric vehicles with fantastic technology and long expected range.

If you are looking for a more luxurious new BYD car, the Seal should be on your radar. This large saloon offers a premium experience and is spacious throughout. BYD have also just announced their first plug-in hybrid to launch in the UK, the Seal U DM-i. This Hybrid SUV combines the premium styling of the Seal with the practicality of an SUV and the versatility of a Hybrid engine.

What are the benefits of buying a new BYD?

There are many benefits to buying a brand-new BYD. One of the key selling points to the BYD new car range is the innovatie BYD Blade Battery fitted to each of BYD’s new cars. The Blade Battery has been recognised as one of the world’s safest electric vehicle batteries, having passed intense safety tests and has been designed to last longer than the competition.

The BYD range of new cars including the Atto 3, Dolphin and Seal all have a variety of unique features and are available to test drive at both our Chester and Crewe locations.

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BYD New Car Special Offers

If you purchase a Brand-New BYD before the 31st July 2024, you will be entitled to 2 Years* Free Servicing! This means that there has never been a better time to buy a new BYD!

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How do I pre-order a new BYD car?

Simply speak to one of our sales teams at Chester BYD or Crewe BYD, to order a brand-new BYD. We currently have a variety of BYD new car offers available to showcase the finance examples of cars currently available to order.

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Financing a New BYD

Purchasing a brand-new BYD through finance allows for extra flexibility, meaning you to get the car you always wanted in a way that suits your budget. BYD have a variety of PCP deals across the popular model range including the Atto 3, Dolphin, and Seal.

A Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deal is a loan where you can choose the deposit and monthly payment, the remaining cost of the BYD can then be paid at the end of the agreement, should you wish to keep your BYD. With a PCP deal, you will have to stick to a pre-agreed maximum annual mileage figure. When the agreement ends, often this is after 36 or 48 months, you can either make the Optional Final Payment and purchase the car outright or return the car and pick up the keys to your next BYD!

Purchasing a new BYD through finance has never been easier! Our expert sales teams based at Chester BYD and Crewe BYD are on hand to help you find the best option that has been tailored to you.

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Find out more about the BYD New Cars

The range of brand-new BYD cars are filled with innovative technology and features. One of the stand out advancements, which can be found in all BYD new electric cars, is the BYD Blade Battery.

The BYD Atto 3, Dolphin, and Seal are all powered by this game-changing, redesigned battery which is safer and more longer lasting than its competitors. BYD has been an industry leader in battery manufacturing for over 29 years, and this latest technology is a significant step forward. Not only does the blade battery ensure enhanced safety, due to rigorous testing, but BYD has built their battery in a honeycomb-like structure to optimise strength. The space utilization has also resulted in a longer expected range and battery lifecycle.

Innovative technology isn’t just limited to the electric vehicle range, BYD’s brand-new plug-in Hybrid the Seal U DM-i features industry leading Super DM Technology which has a huge combined range of up to 671 miles.

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Terms and Conditions

*The 2 Years Free Servicing offer is valid up to two years from registration or for two services, whichever comes first. The promoter of the servicing offer described in these terms and conditions (“Offer”) is BYD UK. The Offer is only open to private retail customers who are legal residents of the UK and at least 18 years old when taking advantage of the Offer (“Eligible Customer”). The Offer is only available on brand-new BYD ordered from a participating BYD retailer between 16th February 2024 and 31st March 2024 and for vehicles registered by 31st March 2024 (inclusive) (“Qualifying Purchase”).

The following exclusions apply to this Offer:

Purchases made through a discount scheme or arrangement (such as Motability or an employee scheme) or are excluded from the Offer; and vehicles financed through Personal Contract Hire or Business Contract Hire are excluded from the Offer. There is no limit on the number of times an Eligible Customer can use the Offer. For example, if an Eligible Customer makes multiple Qualifying Purchases. In that case, the Eligible Customer will be entitled to benefit from the Offer for each Qualifying Purchase, subject to these terms and conditions. All vehicles are subject to availability. The Service can be completed by any authorised BYD retailer or service partner, and does not have to be completed at the retailer where the Qualifying purchase was made. Each Service is limited to the service elements, labour and parts expressly set out in the Owners Handbook for the relevant vehicle. Any additional labour and parts that may be required will be subject to additional charges. This may apply, for example, where the Service identifies other maintenance work that may be required or recommended. The cost of any additional labour and/or parts will be agreed with you in advance.