Audi has had a fairly quiet couple of years compared to usual. In 2023, we’ve seen the introduction of various special-edition performance models, as well as the Q8 e-tron, but compared to previous years, it’s been far less frantic.

But that is set to change in 2024 and 2025 with a whole range of new models and facelifted vehicles set to arrive. Let’s take a look at the important new Audis due on sale in the next couple of years.

2024 Audi - Q8

Audi Q8 facelift

One of the first new arrivals from Audi in 2024 will be a heavily updated version of the firm’s largest SUV – the Q8.

Look out for revised styling with new black styling elements and a range of new technologies including digital lighting signatures. The updated Audi Q8 is already on sale.

New Q6 e-tron

One of Audi’s most eagerly-anticipated models in 2024 is the Q6 e-tron – a new addition to the firm’s electric car line-up. Based around a new platform known as PPE, it will bring a raft of innovations.

We’ve already seen a look at the Q6’s modern interior with crisp displays and a range of sustainable materials, but the car itself has only been shown in camouflage so far. There will also be a sportier SQ6 model.

Swansway - 2024 Audi - Q6
Swansway - 2024 Audi - A5

New Audi A5

Another exciting arrival in 2024 will be the new Audi A5 – not only replacing the car with the same name but also the A4 as the firm streamlines its line-up.

Set to remain with conventional engines, plug-in hybrid versions are also likely to be introduced. We’ve so far seen photos of an A5 Sportback and A5 Avant testing, with sportier S5 versions also planned.

Audi Q4 e-tron updates

One of the smaller updates arriving in 2024 is to Audi’s popular Q4 e-tron and accompanying Sportback variant.

Key changes include more power, a new suspension setup and quicker charging speeds.

Swansway - 2024 Audi RS6 (CURRENT CAR).

More extreme RS6 variant

There are only so many more years that Audi will be able to make big V8 performance cars with minimal electrification, which is why there’s expected to be a more extreme version of the RS6 Avant in 2024.

While Audi introduced the RS6 Performance earlier in 2023, it’s predicted to go a step further with a model thought to be called the GT in 2024. It will get more power and an even more purposeful look.

Q7 facelift

Audi isn’t expected to introduce a new generation of Audi Q7 while it continues with traditional engines, but a second facelift is due in 2024.

Expect revised styling and a new grille – similar to those on the new Q8 – as well as additional technology. Next-generation plug-in hybrids are also likely to be introduced.

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