Baby Proof My Car | North West England & Midlands

How to baby proof your car​

As a family owned and run business, and with over 50 of our 750 employees being related to one another, family is a matter close to our heart and we understand the importance of keeping your family safe. That’s why we’ve put together this short video highlighting a few of our top tips for baby proofing your car.

From baby seat positions to child locks, we’ve covered a number of points which could help make car journeys with your little one just that but more relaxed. Our trained executives are more than happy to talk you through all of your options; we’ll even come out to your car with you and demonstrate how easy they are to fit!

Just let us know if you have any questions at all and we’re happy to help. After all, family comes first.

As a family owned and run business with over fifty years’ experience in the motor industry, we know just how important it is to maintain your vehicle’s safety and keep you on the move.

If you spot anything in our video that you'd like further advice on, or if you have any queries at all, let us know.

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