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How to repair a puncture using a puncture repair kit

What is a car tyre puncture repair kit?

A tyre puncture repair kit, which sometimes is known as tyre foam can be used as a quicker and more affordable way to sort a punctured tyre rather than replacing the wheel.

How long does a puncture repair kit last?

Although it is a quick fix, this method doesn't last forever. It's important to bear in mind that a puncture repair kit isn't a permanent fix.

Tyre foam usually lasts between 50-100 miles before it loses its effectiveness. So it's important to get your vehicle booked in to get its tyre fixed or replaced as soon as you can.

How do I use a Tyre repair kit?

Our step by step guide

  1. Make sure you're parked safely & the engine is switched off.
  2. Locate your puncture repair kit (if fitted) in the storage box under the boot floor.
  3. Turn the selector on the top left of the unit to the position marked 'sealant'.
  4. Make sure the switch in the centre of the unit is at '0'.
  5. Connect the White pipe to the valve of the punctured tyre.
  6. Pull out the unit's electric plug & plug it into the 12v socket inside your car.
  7. It's a good idea at this point to stick the speed limitation reminder to your steering wheel.
  8. Start your engine & leave it running.
  9. Turn on the air compressor by moving the switch to '1'.
  10. Leave the unit running until the pressure gauge reached two bars.
  11. If the tyre has failed to reach this pressure after 5 - 7 minutes then the tyre is not repairable and will need to be replaced before you can drive the car again.
  12. Assuming the correct tyre pressure has been reached you can turn off the air compressor by moving the switch to '0', unplug it from the 12v socket & disconnect the valve. Don't forget to replace the valve cap.
  13. Drive the car for the first 3 miles at speeds no higher than 35 mph to allow the puncture to be plugged. After these 3 miles you'll need to stop to check the tyres pressure.
  14. Take out your air compressor again and turn the selector on the top left of the unit to the position marked 'air', plug it into the 12v socket and connect the Black pipe to the tyres valve.
  15. Turn on the compressor by moving the switch in the centre to the position marked '1'.
  16. Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure according to the sticker o the inside of your car door.
  17. Once you've done this you should limit your driving speed to 50mph and your driving distance to 200 miles before bringing it into us to be replaced.
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