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How to baby proof your car

Ways to Childproof your car​

How can you babyproof your car?

When it comes to babyproofing your car for your little one, things may seem a bit daunting at first.

First things to deciding what is the right car seat for you and deciding where to place it. It is a legal requirement for cars to be fitted with something called Isofix, this is a sturdy rack connected to the chassis of the car, something that many drivers may not be aware of this that the safest place to position your child seat would actually be behind the driver. If the driver were to notice a sudden diversion or obstruction they would instinctively drive away from the danger, therefore angling the driver's side furthest away from the collision.

The next step is to enable the child locks, a simple step but can easily be forgotten. Setting the child locks will ensure our baby does accidentally wind down a window or open the door, avoiding any unwanted accidents.

Finally, make sure to keep your child entertained. Long journeys can be fine when your bundle of joy is fast asleep but you want to ensure your child is kept as happy and content as possible to avoid distracting you whilst driving. Keeping a soft teddy or toy in the boot will mean that you can keep your baby distracted until you reach the end of the journey and can pay them more attention.

If you have any questions at all regarding baby proofing no matter which stage you're at then please do give us a call, we'll be happy to talk you through all of the best options for you.

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