How to Connect Your Smartphone to Your Car

1. Use your USB Cable

If it’s a new car you’ve bought you may find there’s a built-in USB port in the stereo system. This port should fit most phones & tablets and will allow you to access the audio on your device through the stereo interface.This way, you’ll be able to choose your favourite playlist, and set off with both eyes safely on the road ahead.

2. Use your Auxiliary cable

Like the USB, this will allow you to play your music through the car stereo system, but unlike the USB option you won’t be able to control it through the car itself. You can connect to the Auxiliary port using an auxiliary cable that you can buy for a few pounds. It’s quick and easy, all you have to do it plug it in, so you can be on the road within seconds.

3. Using Bluetooth

This is the most commonly used way to connect to your car. Most new cars come with Bluetooth as standard. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on, then select the ‘Telephone’ view on your car, press ‘Add Phone’ and then make the car discoverable. Activate tethering on your phone and then select ‘Available Bluetooth Devices’.

Select the name of your car on your phone screen, you’ll then be asked to enter a PIN code, you can enter anything you like – just make sure you can remember it!

If your phone is compatible, you’ll be asked to accept the pairing. With this option your phone will also make a sound through your car's stereo system when you receive a text or phone call. After that you’re good to go with hands-free music and calls.

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