What To Do If Your Tyre Warning Light Comes On

Why is your Tyre Pressure light showing?

Understanding your tyre warning light could not only help to prevent a vehicle failure, but could also potentially save you from an expensive repair bill or recovery cost.

Your tyres are a crucial component to your car, so it’s important to know what to look out for. If your tyre warning light comes on whilst driving, pull over in a safe place, switch off your engine and check the exterior of the tyre. Touch and feel the tyre to check how firm they are and if there are any noticeable bulges or punctures You can find your car’s specific tyre pressures either in the handbook or inside the fuel cap. When it comes to checking the tyre itself, run your fingers along the tread-depth bars and check that they’re at least 1.6mm deep (the legal minimum tread depth). If your tyre tread depth is less than the minimum, or you can see an underline white beading, then it’s unsafe to drive. Driving with unsafe tyres not only puts you and your passengers at risk, but you could face a hefty fine if they’re under the legal tread depth limit. If you notice any of the above we’d always recommend contacting your nearest dealership to have the tyres replaced.