Audi e-tron exterior open bonnet

What Is Actually Under Your Bonnet?

What to look out for under the bonnet of a car

Firstly, let’s pop the bonnet open

When it comes to your car it’s important to know exactly what’s going on under your bonnet. There are a number of different tanks and containers hidden away, so having full knowledge of what’s-what could always come in handy when you need to top one up.

Once lifted secure in place with the rod or bonnet struts.

The screen wash has a Blue lid with a screen washing icon on. You can top this up easily with a mixture of water and screen wash.

You can use your dipstick to check the oil level of your engine. The dipstick is yellow with a loop on the end that you can put your finger through for extra grip.

Pull out the dipstick and give it a wipe and then dip it back in again. When you pull it out again you’ll see oil up to a certain point on the stick. This should be between the minimum and maximum markers, which are usually marked with little holes in the stick.

The engine cooler sits in a white circular container, a similar shape to a ball, it will have minimum and maximum markers on the side to show you how full it should be. Finally, your brake fluid is in a white container with a warning triangle and brake disc icon on the top. Again, this will have markers on the side to show you how full it should be.

Before closing the lid on the bonnet, always make sure that all the tanks and their lids are fastened tightly, to avoid spillage, and then you are good to go.

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