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Why Choose the Volkswagen Golf on Motability?

The Volkswagen Golf is arguably the most popular model in the entire Volkswagen range. It is stylish and sporty whilst being incredibly practical and convenient! The Motability scheme is an affordable and convenient way to drive the Volkswagen Golf, with advanced payments starting at £0. Here at Swansway, we currently have three Volkswagen dealerships, located in Crewe, Oldham and Wrexham with expert Motability specialists on hand to make purchasing a Volkswagen Golf on the scheme incredibly easy.

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Volkswagen Golf Accessibility

The Volkswagen Golf is an incredibly comfortable car to drive, the adaptive suspension makes sure that you won’t feel additional bumps in the road. The Golf range also contains a variety of engine and gearbox options ensuring that there is something for everyone. Some of the newest models also feature hybrid assistance, which improves efficiency and performance.

Even though the Volkswagen Golf is a compact car, the interior is very spacious. There is plenty of headroom on offer which makes getting into and out of the car very easy. The front seats go far back enough to accommodate tall driver’s and the car is wide enough so that the front of the car doesn’t feel cramped.

The boot is very spacious, offering room for a fold down wheelchair and the rear seats lie virtually flat when dropped which adds extra seats and convenience.

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