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Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace On Motability

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Blue Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace exterior parked next to lake

Why choose the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace on Motability?

VW has added over 8” of extra room between the front and rear wheels, which translates to easier access. The front end design has also been revamped while the addition of roof rails is another touch that owners on a Motability scheme will find useful.

The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Motability car can be found in the Life trim with both manual and automatic options, and the 1.5 litre petrol engine. All seven engine options offer plenty of oomph without compromising stability over bumps and through corners.

Technically, it is the same as the standard Tiguan, making it the ideal step up for someone that simply needs a more spacious and disability-friendly solution. The seating and steering can be quickly adjusted to suit personal preferences while the cockpit is supported by an organised and user-friendly setup of buttons and switches.

When considering the seven-seater Tiguan Allspace, key features to remember include, but are not limited to;

  • Excellent configuration opportunities and ample cabin space,
  • Ergonomic engineering and economic driving,
  • A comfortable ride supported by excellent assisted driving tech,
  • A high driving position and good ground clearance,
  • Several customisation and personalisation opportunities.

All of the Allspace VW Tiguan models are also available in various colours, allowing you to find a car that looks as beautiful as it performs. When seeking style and substance on the SUVs for Motability market, fans of the VW brand will love this option.

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