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It barely needs an introduction, but for those who are looking for their first car, you can't do better than the Volkswagen Polo! It is a supermini vehicle that sets the bar high.

Get a Volkswagen Polo on the Motability Scheme

An incredibly sophisticated piece of machinery, it is an ideal choice for Motability customers looking to drive themselves around. With a spacious interior and a boot that is 25% bigger than before, it is a winner all around. It also boasts a lot of modern technology with adaptive cruise control and a nifty self parking system that can help any average driver with below average ability to make the most of this wonderful vehicle.

Motability customers will certainly gain the benefit from its interior space and storage. For solo drivers looking to transport items, the back seats easily fold down without compromising comfort for those sitting in the front. The options for 5-speed, 6-speed, and 7-speed manual transmission means you can get a considerable amount of power out of this relatively small vehicle.

As a 5-door vehicle, it is infinitely practical and for those looking for a comfortable journey with a high quality interior, it packs a punch. And as safety is concerned, the 5-star rating on the Euro NCAP test makes it a small car that is incredibly reliable. For individuals looking for a Motability vehicle that signifies a solid start to driving, or is looking for something that is always going to be reliable, you cannot do better than the Volkswagen Polo. A hatchback that is safe, sturdy and great value for money.