Volkswagen Caddy 2

Volkswagen Caddy Life on Motability

The Volkswagen Caddy Life is not currently available on the Motability Scheme, other Volkswagen models include:

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It's also incredibly practical in other ways. With a 1 litre engine, it is economical for those looking to be fuel efficient, but speedy enough for those that have a lot of errands to run. It is also very useful for people who need a lot of boot space that find themselves in a wide variety of situations and need a reliable vehicle to go the distance.

There are many practical components of the vehicle, including the sliding doors making it easy to access the backseat in a hurry, but the interiors are also incredibly comfortable, making for a relaxing journey. In addition to the comfortable nature of the vehicle, there's plenty of scope for entertainment, such as Bluetooth capabilities and DAB+.

It is a family friendly SUV and can seat up to 7 people, making it the perfect choice for anybody going for a vehicle on Motability that needs to carry a lot of weight. Whether you are driving a family member, you are driving yourself, or you are looking for a vehicle that is reliable and can transport a large group of people without breaking a sweat, you can find sufficient space and storage, as well as comfort in the Volkswagen Caddy Life.