Jaguar F-Type Coupe driving down the road

Coupé​ Cars from Swansway Motor Group

What is a Coupé​?

​A coupé​ is a car with a sloping rear roofline, it usually only has two doors and can seat from two to five passengers. Sometimes confused with the cabriolet, which has a fold down roof, whereas the Coupé​ is a hard topped car.

Should you buy a Coupé​?

Coupé​ benefits:

  • Style - generally considered more stylish and cool than other models
  • Aerodynamic - the sloping roofline gives it an illusion of being fast, even if it's not, plus less drag equals less fuel
  • Passengers - most coupés have rear seats, so there's room for children or small adults
  • Fuel economy - fuel costs can be no more than a standard hatchback or saloon​

Coupé considerations:

  • Cost - Coupés generally cost more than Hatchbacks or Saloons
  • Sloping roof - although visually appealing does cut into rear passenger head room and boot space
  • Restricted visibility - some models have less visibility due to the styling of the car

What to look for in a Coupé​:

  • ​​Boot space ​- does the sloping roofline cut out too much of the boot or will you still fit everything you need?
  • ​Passengers​ - If you're regularly carrying more than one adult passenger it may not be the comfiest choice for them