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Customer Care

How to contact our customer care team

Our customers are very important to us

Our Customer Service Team welcome your feedback, both positive and negative; it enables us to see the things we’re doing well and also, the things we’re not doing so well.

Of course, we try our hardest to give our customers the best possible service, all the time; however, we’re honest and we do realise that, from time to time, things go wrong.

If you’ve not been completely satisfied with anything we’ve done for you, then we’d like you to tell us about it. If you need to complain, then, in the first instance, we recommend that you get in touch with the Head of Business at the dealership concerned. If their response or actions fall short of your expectations, then please let Liz and Sharon, our group customer liaison team know.

You can email Liz and Sharon on [email protected] or call them directly on 01270864365

Michael Smyth
“Making your customers happy is the only sure way for a business to survive, happy customers come back again and again and they tell their friends and colleagues about the experience.”
Michael Smyth
Chairman of Swansway Motor Group

At Swansway Motor Group we take your satisfaction with our service very seriously; you might even say we’re a little obsessed with it.

We don’t want you to be just satisfied with our customer service, we want you to be blown away and tell everyone you know that you’ve received the best service ever!

Customer recommendations make us very happy, because, after all….Happy customers are our lifeblood.Take some time to explore what other customers have to say about the service they received here at Swansway Motor Group.

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