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Welcome to Swansway CUPRA

CUPRA Dealer in Crewe, Cheshire

Once the byword for ultimate sportiness in the SEAT brand, CUPRA now stands alone as the contemporary vision of sports motoring.

Set free from its SEAT parent the CUPRA brand is now free to explore its true identity, combining sporting performance with contemporary luxury; super connectivity with exceptional comfort.

Every model in the CUPRA range offers subtle sophistication, stand-out uniqueness and superb performance. Visit the Crewe CUPRA centre on Third Avenue in the town and get up close and personal with the CUPRA family.

The CUPRA name is derived from Cup Racing and the cars are the very definition of road-going sportiness and certainly won’t disappoint drivers who value a little frisson of excitement when they’re behind the wheel.

CUPRA cars have character, a classy, coolness with none of the aggression associated with hot hatches and boy-racers; the perfect car to say you want to stand out from the crowd, that you are not defined by belonging to a badge club.

The CUPRA Ateca and CUPRA Leon are the start of the CUPRA family; they embody he CUPRA ethos and at Crewe CUPRA we’re delighted to bring you these exceptional cars; being a CUPRA retailer means we embody the brand values of this bold new brand and we really look forward to sharing them with you.

We’re here seven days a week, both online and at our CUPRA centre, so why not take a browse around the CUPRA family or better still pop in for a freshly brewed coffee and let’s talk CUPRA.