Used CUPRA Cars

Get your hands on a stunning Approved Used CUPRA

If you want a sporty pedigree with a contemporary twist, then CUPRA is the brand for you and a pre-owned CUPRA offers all the sporting prowess and all the contemporary luxury, with the price of a used car.

CUPRA is a branch of SEAT, a Spanish company that manufactures cars. CUPRA produces performance version vehicles across the SEAT range. CUPRA models are targeted towards those who enjoy driving and want a vehicle with a presence on the road. CUPRA invests heavily in research and development to develop models that stand out. The CUPRA brand offers excellent value for money, especially if you opt for a CUPRA used car. CUPRA has a small range of models; each is an excellent choice for those who love to drive and don't want ordinary cars on the road. CUPRA is all about short, sharp performance.


The CUPRA Ateca is CUPRA's version of the SEAT Ateca. CUPRA Ateca's come fitted with CUPRA's turbocharged engine and performance suspension. A Crossover SUV offers more ground clearance than the SEAT Ateca, making it perfect for those who enjoy driving off-road or want to be higher up from the road. The CUPRA Ateca is CUPRA's best seller in the CUPRA range. CUPRA Ateca used cars are an excellent choice if you want a performance SUV at an affordable price. CUPRA is well known for its Ateca model, which was released in 2017. CUPRA says this is 'one SUV packed with genuine CUPRA experiences'. Driving enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the Ateca comes with a 2-litre TSI petrol engine that produces 276 horsepower thanks to turbocharger technology working alongside direct-injection technology. CUPRA Ateca’s are available in CUPRA, CUPRA Limited Edition, and CUPRA R-Line trims.

CUPRA Formentor

The CUPRA Formentor is CUPRA's version of the SEAT León. CUPRA Formentor's come fitted with CUPRA's turbocharged engine and CUPRA suspension kit. CUPRA Formentor used cars are a great choice if you want a high-performance hatchback at an affordable price. The CUPRA Formentor is CUPRA's new flagship model, released in 2017 as an upgraded version of the CUPRA Ateca. The engine has been tweaked to release more power from its 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine – now producing 276 hp – taking it from 0-100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds; CUPRA claims 0-200 km/h takes only 16.2 seconds. It includes exterior styling updates such as LED lights, rear spoiler, and dark tinted windows.


The Leon comes in CUPRA Performance and CUPRA 280 trims. CUPRA uses a turbocharged engine, which offers 200PS and 270Nm of torque. CUPRA performance models come with CUPRA's C16 R tuning kit to ensure the CUPRA Leon offers an exhilarating performance to rival any CUPRA model.

The Leon is powered by SEAT's 2-litre TSI engine developing 300 hp. 0-100 km/h takes 6 seconds, with CUPRA claiming it can reach speeds up to 250 km/h. It features 19-inch alloy wheels, dark tinted windows, sports button controls, a short shift gear lever, and CUPRA's trademark digital cockpit is available as an option. CUPRA founder and president Daniel Cordero have described the Leon as having "the spirit of our rally cars and the technology and luxury of a large saloon car."

CUPRA's most successful model yet

The CUPRA Ateca, introduced in 2016, was CUPRA's best selling CUPRA model. CUPRA claims that they sold over 30,000 CUPRA Ateca models worldwide in just one year after launch. The latest version includes exterior styling updates such as LED lights, rear spoiler, and dark tinted windows. SEAT's 1.8-litre TSI engine is underneath all this new styling, with CUPRA's customisable digital cockpit as an option.

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