The arrival of the sixth-generation Type R

Honda has finally unveiled its latest Civic Type R after all manner of teasers and early glimpses. The arrival of the sixth-generation Type R is a big deal, too, as it builds on a series of cars that are held in particularly high esteem in motoring circles. It’s based on the latest Civic, which does bring many technological advancements, but has been designed with the same go-faster ethos that made the previous generation such a hit.

As one of Honda’s most important new performance models, the new Type R has got plenty to talk about. So let’s dive in and check it out.

It’s still got a 2.0-litre petrol engine

There were some murmurings that the new Type R would use the hybrid engine found in the latest ‘regular’ Civic, but Honda has firmly quashed this by stating that its new performance model would use an upgraded version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine found in the older version.

Honda has been relatively coy about the details for the new engine but has said that it has tweaked the turbocharger. It’s likely that it’ll produce slightly more power than before.

It’s more aerodynamic than before

Honda has worked to make the new Civic Type R more slippery and therefore more aerodynamically efficient than before. The rear doors and arches are better integrated than before, while the front and rear bumpers have been smoothed out to ensure that the Type R cuts through the air.

The interior features more technology than before

It’s fair to say that the in-car technology on the older Civic Type R was starting to show its age, which is why this new version has had a serious upgrade. Benefitting from the new displays and readouts fitted to the new Civic, this latest Type R looks considerably upmarket compared to its predecessor.

That means there’s a new nine-inch touchscreen housed in the middle of the dash, while a new fully digital instrument cluster brings this high-tech feeling to the fore.

It’s already setting lap time records

That’s right, the new Honda Civic Type R is already smashing records. In fact, it has already broken the lap time record for front-wheel-drive cars at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. It just goes to show that Honda is putting some serious effort into making the new Type R as quick and capable as possible.

It’s got configurable driving modes

A big new addition to the latest Type R is the option of an ‘Individual’ driving mode. Now Honda hasn’t given too much information about this new setting but has released a photo of this option being available on the car’s central screen.

If it’s anything like similar modes on some of the Civic’s rivals, this will no doubt allow drivers to tailor the steering, throttle response, engine sound and damping to their own personal taste. It’s something that was absent from the previous generation car, so it’ll no doubt come as a big new addition.

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