They all offer something a little different, though and appeal to different types of drivers.

With such a broad range of models, it can be confusing to work out which one is right for you. Fortunately, we’re going to go through each model - and each of its key features - to help make that decision a little easier.

Blue Volkswagen ID3


Volkswagen created a brand-new segment for its electric vehicles, under a new name ‘ID’. Used to easily separate the firm’s EVs from the rest of the line-up, it’s a sector which has really expanded in recent years, but everything started with the first model in the ID family - the ID.3.

A practical electric hatchback, the ID.3 is seen by Volkswagen as a similarly important model to cars like the Beetle and Golf. It’s spacious, too, and is packed with technology while offering a range of up to 347 miles.

Discover the Volkswagen ID.3

Blue Volkswagen ID4 rear view


Though the ID.3 is very accomplished, it might not offer enough space for some drivers. That’s where the ID.4 comes in. As a larger SUV, it’s got a little extra room for families or drivers who need a bigger boot, but it’s got the same efficient electric powertrain as the ID.3.

Plus, thanks to a large battery and some very efficient motors, it can return up to 328 miles on a single charge.

Discover the Volkswagen ID.4

Red Volkswagen ID5 driving


Design is a big part of what Volkswagen is about, which is why there’s an electric offering for drivers who want space and practicality wrapped up in a car that really stands out from the crowd. We’re talking about the ID.5, here, which takes the same platform as the ID.4 but adds a sleek, coupe-inspired design.

You get the same great levels of technology, of course, but just with a little extra character.

Discover the Volkswagen ID.5

Blue Volkswagen ID7


The newest member of the ID range is the striking ID.7. It’s Volkswagen’s first electric saloon car and is a model which is absolutely jam-packed with technology, including a panoramic roof with ‘smart glass’ that can be made transparent or opaque at the touch of a button.

But most impressive is the ID.7’s range. With an 86kWh battery on board, the ID.7 has a claimed range of up to 435 miles.

Discover the Volkswagen ID.7

Red Volkswagen Up driving


The Up! is an example of what Volkswagen is best at. It’s a small, well-packaged and well-priced city car which delivers far more interior space than you might expect. It’s great to drive and frugal, too.

We really like the nippy handling that you get in the Up!, which makes it a very user-friendly option for new drivers or users who want a fuss-free car.

Discover the Volkswagen Up!

Blue Volkswagen Polo rear view


The Polo has always been one of the more grown-up compact hatches in the market, channelling some of the premium feel from the Golf but on a smaller scale. The latest Polo is no different, with pleasant materials inside being backed by a very refined driving experience.

You can get it in performance-orientated GTI flavour, too, for people who would quite like a spicier Polo option.

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White and Blue Volkswagen Golfs


The Golf is a true household name. A provider of transportation for the masses over decades, it’s a car that people know and trust. The most recent Golf - now into its eighth generation - is more polished than ever while also incorporating some nifty technology.

It’s still just as practical as ever, however, with a nice large boot and plenty of interior space. Taller passengers will appreciate the Golf’s decent level of headroom, too.

Discover the Volkswagen Golf

Blue Volkswagen Golf Estate driving

Golf Estate

If you like the Golf but need a little extra space, then there’s a handy option - the Golf Estate. As you might imagine, you get the same great features of the regular Golf, but with an extended boot area which makes it a prime choice for families.

It’s available with a range of frugal engines, too, which can help drive down monthly costs.

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Grey Volkswagen Passat front view

Passat Estate

The Passat is another well-known model to wear a Volkswagen badge. Though in recent years its popularity has waned as more people turn to the brand’s SUV models, it’s still a really well-made car with loads of space and versatility.

You can only get the Passat in estate form these days, but that’s not a bad thing - it’s spacious and great for drivers who need plenty of luggage room.

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Volkswagen Arteon with the sunset

Arteon/Arteon Shooting Brake

As one of the sleekest models in the Volkswagen line-up, the Arteon is certainly a car for turning heads in. Available in both hatch and striking Shooting Brake forms, the Arteon is a modern-day equivalent to a traditional luxury long-distance car.

It’s great for striking through longer journeys, while the ‘R’ version provides some very understated performance.

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Yellow Volkswagen T-Cross


Kicking off Volkswagen’s range of SUVs is the T-Cross. It’s the most compact model in its SUV line-up, but it manages to deliver a whole lot more space than you might expect from a car with this size of footprint.

It brings the raised-up seating position that you’d expect from an SUV, but with exterior dimensions that make it easy to park and simple to live with.

Discover the Volkswagen T-Cross

Green Volkswagen Taigo rear


The Taigo is here to blend the features of an SUV and a traditional hatchback together. It’s got a quirky look to go with it, too, with a high rear-end design making it look like few other cars on the road today.

As with other Volkswagen models, it’s got a really well-built interior with loads of storage options. A 440-litre boot is above many of the Taigo’s rivals, too.

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Blue Volkswagen T-Roc collection


The T-Roc is an SUV which aims to deliver a real all-rounder experience. As a mid-size SUV, it’s got a well-sized cabin with plenty of space for both adults and children, yet it’s not so overly large as to become tricky to navigate a multi-storey car park in.

You can get it with loads of engine choices, too, plus a fiery 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol in the range-topping ‘R’ model.

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White Volkswagen Tiguan side view


The Tiguan has been an incredibly popular car for Volkswagen. In fact, in 2019, the Tiguan passed the six-million mark, which goes to show just how much of a global sensation this SUV has been.

The latest version is the most accomplished to date, with a sharp exterior design. Buyers after a seven-seater version can opt for the versatile Tiguan Allspace, too.

Discover the Volkswagen Tiguan

Red Volkswagen Touareg rear view


The Touareg is the car that sits at the very top of Volkswagen’s range of SUVs. Luxurious and very comfortable, it’s the kind of car that you could happily drive for hours in one hit without breaking a sweat.

The latest Touareg has just arrived with a host of innovations, but one of our favourites is a new light-up rear Volkswagen badge, making it one of the first European cars to incorporate this feature.

Discover the Volkswagen Touareg



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