Volkswagen ID 3 Your Next Steps

New Volkswagen ID.3

When it comes to rule-breaking new cars, the ID 3 is right up there. It’s Volkswagen’s next-generation electric hatchback, and it’s one that the firm hopes will take EV ownership right to the heart of the mainstream. As you’d imagine there’s a lot to learn about it, so let’s dive in and take a look.

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If you’ve seen the cabin of the latest, eighth-generation Golf then the ID 3’s interior will be instantly familiar. It shares much of the same architecture and design, in fact, which means the cockpit is dominated by screens, which replace the vast majority of buttons you might be used to finding.

Because it lacks a regular transmission, the centre of the car is free to be used for storage - so there are cupholders and deep storage bins where you’d usually find the arm rest. It should help to keep the ID 3 clutter-free.


The exterior design of the ID 3 is a wonderful blend of concept-car looks and current Volkswagen vehicle styling. The front LED running lights seem to lead directly into the front ‘grille’ - the ID 3 doesn’t need a conventional grille as there’s no engine to cool - while large alloy wheels help to give it a lot of presence.

Around the back, the ID 3 looks exceptionally close in design to the Golf, but that’s no bad thing - we like the look of Volkswagen’s well-known hatch - so we’re inclined to say the same about the ID 3 too.


If it’s technology you’re after, then the ID 3 will more than tick the boxes. It’s set to come with an augmented reality head-up display, which allows a projection to be displayed on a large proportion of the windscreen. It’s being included to help with elements such as navigation, though launch cars in the UK won’t get it - later models will be the first to receive it. It’s worth hanging in for, however.

Volkswagen has also included a comprehensive voice command system in the ID 3, which is capable of controlling a vast number of features in the car. 


Though more motor options are due to arrive later on, the ID 3 is being launched with just one powertrain choice and that’s a 201bhp version which is capable of returning a claimed 260 miles. There’s due to be a larger battery version arriving later - and this will return more than 300 miles from a single charge - but even this mid-range ID 3’s range is enough for most journeys.

It’ll accept a 100kW DC fast charge too, which, Volkswagen says, is enough to add 180 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Trim levels

From launch, there’s going to be just one trim level available - First. Though more are due to be added, this initial specification is likely to be enough for many, as it packs key features such as 19-inch alloy wheels, front seat and steering wheel heating, matrix LED headlights and a range of silver styling elements for the exterior.

Lightning fast recharging
Range of up to 340 miles
Panoramic Sunroof
Volkswagen ID 3 Your Next Steps