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Exceptionally fun to drive and easy to manoeuvre thanks to its compact dimensions, the Volkswagen up! takes urban motoring to another level.

The Volkswagen up! is a sophisticated and well sized car that feels both comfortable and stable driving on the road. An enjoyable ride, it is best suited to shorter haul journeys but it does fare well and is certainly not underpowered during motorway driving. We offer a range of Used Volkswagen up! cars that range in colour and style; the VW up! is a delight to newer drivers with less mileage and so could be perfect for a first time driver. The car itself is a relatively new model but has kept its popularity in recent years and is a great city drive.

The VW up! started its journey in December 2011, and has since been turned into different models to cater for different purposes, one of which is the GT version, a natural-gas powered Eco-up! which has less emissions. It hit the UK showrooms in 2012. The Up uses a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and a 3-cylinder 1.0 litre petrol engine which means the car is a little more affordable in terms of gas consumption than a diesel car. The materials used in the VW up! are incredibly durable and safe.

The VW up! BHP and MPG is ever- changing. The lifespan can vary of course but on average terms, the mileage is around 23, 291. It is a relatively small and compact car, but despite its sizing, it offers driver’s seat adjustment where you can change the height of the chair and steering wheel to ensure you have the best comfort whilst driving.It is available in five or three doors and offers a very spacious boot area. Its 251-litre capacity is what you may expect to find in other types of car such as the i10 and Picanto but this runs at a more competitive buying price. It can be suitable for small families with a young child as the boot would easily allow a baby buggy. There are seven different available trims for the up! which include: Beats, Black Edition, E-Up, R Line Beats, Up, Up GTi, White Edition and available engines for the up! Are 60kW, 1.0 1 5PS Up GTI, 1.0. It’s an exciting car to drive, fun, compact and easy to handle, its automatic transmission is reliable, even if at times may feel a little jerky, it is still reliable and safe.

Buying an Approved Used Volkswagen up! is a brilliant choice for shorter and longer journeys. It is available with a five-speed automatic transmission so it is an all-round great choice for a second hand car. Buying an Approved Used Volkswagen is also about confidence and flexibility in finding the ideal model for you, this could determine different types of engines or sizing but essentially there is a model for each individual. The quality of the car and specification is paramount and we endeavour to find you the car that suits you best, taking into consideration all your needs; whether this is an importance of a good entertainment and sound system, or parking sensors, the Volkswagen up! is easy to drive and is an incredibly practical car. The size of the car is incredibly good, it may not be a huge family sized car, but the space means that you can have ample leg room. The boot size also can be added if the rear seats are let down, so the up! is a very versatile model that is well worth its value.

We appreciate that a reliable car really matters, and therefore our skilled and dedicated team will aim to provide you with a comprehensive detailed outline of all our cars, and any faults or issues detected will be dealt with immediately but we aim to provide the best second hand VW up! cars and pride ourselves on quality and it’s vital that you are completely aware of the features of the car to ensure you’re driving away with the car that is best suited to you. Full history checks are available because we know that safety is vital to all drivers and to us; but our second hand cars are checked and inspected thoroughly. We will ensure that you have all the information from start to finish on your city car and allow you to walk away with your dream car as soon as possible. Get in touch today for further information on all our used VW up! Cars.

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