Audi SUV Range

With SUVs and crossovers being very much in demand right now, the selection of Audi SUV models has expanded from just a few Q range vehicles to the fantastic range of cars it is today.

The Audi SUV range, also known as the Q range, ranges from compact SUVs to large 7 seaters as well as the edition of a newer electric models.

With such a large range of Audi SUV models available to choose from it can be a bit confusing where to start. You may want to consider the size of vehicle you need, the Q2 model is compact enough if you prefer a smaller vehicle, while the Q7 and SQ7 offer 7 seats if you need the extra space for the family. Of course there's also everything in-between with Sportback versions available if you prefer the sportier look, plus if you want to go even sportier it's worth taking a look at the RS models, which will also come with larger engines.

There's also an expanding range of electric and Hybrid SUVs from Audi, the models with e-tron added into the name are your electric vehicles and the models with TFSI e added in are the hybrid cars.

Audi SUV range: What’s available?

Here we take a look at what Audi’s extensive SUV line-up has to offer

Audi is a firm that’s really ramped up its range of SUVs in recent years – rising from just one model available in 2006 all the way up to eight today, and that’s before we’ve considered the sportier versions and different body styles. 

It’s clear there’s plenty of choice available, but deciding on the right car for you can prove quite a challenge. Here’s our guide to the full Audi range to help you make your mind up…


Audi’s most affordable SUV is the Q2, a stylish and well-built model that truly just feels like a slightly smaller version of Audi’s far more expensive off-roaders.

Despite its compact size, it comes brimmed with all of the firm’s latest technology, and is actually roomier than you might expect, with rear seat space suitable for adults and a decent-sized boot. Those wanting something a little sportier can also choose the 296bhp SQ2 model that can sprint from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds.


One of Audi’s most popular SUVs is the mid-size Q3, which is an ideal model for families thanks to its practical and well-built interior. With prices starting from under £30,000, it also represents great value for money, too.

Two body styles are also available – the regular SUV or a sleeker Q3 Sportback version that offers coupe-like styling – while the powerful 395bhp RS Q3 heads up the line-up.

Q4 e-tron

Audi’s newest SUV is the Q4 e-tron – a new fully-electric model that utilises the Volkswagen Group’s widely praised MEB platform.

Designed specifically with electrification in mind, the Q4 e-tron offers a big, roomy interior and an electric range of 316 miles. With prices starting from around £41,325 it’s also expected to be decent value for money next to rivals, too.


A mainstay in Audi’s SUV range, the Q5 is a roomy premium SUV that impresses with its outstanding comfort and refinement. Like the brand’s other models, the interior quality is also superb and helps to give it a very upmarket feel.

A range of options are available, too, such as the regular SUV and sleeker Sportback version that offers a more dynamic appearance. A choice of two plug-in hybrids are available, which deliver an electric range of around 30 miles, while a 336bhp SQ5 model heads up the line-up with its punchy 3.0-litre TDI diesel engine.


The only seven-seater in Audi’s range, the Q7 is a model designed for those wanting maximum interior space in a very classy and premium package. Offering a long list of standard equipment, and superb interior quality, it’s a truly superb SUV.

Yet again, there’s plenty of choice, including an appealing plug-in hybrid that delivers 25 miles of electric driving when fully charged, and a hugely powerful 500bhp SQ7 version.


Audi’s flagship SUV is the Q8, a large and imposing car that turns heads wherever it goes. With its roomy and plush interior, it certainly feels like the most luxurious model of the bunch.

There’s a huge choice of engine options, too, including a plug-in hybrid, the 500bhp SQ8 and a flagship RS Q8 model that shares its 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 engine with the Lamborghini Urus. Producing nearly 600bhp, it enables this SUV to reach 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds.


Last but not least in the Audi SUV range is the e-tron, which is arguably the brand’s most important car in recent years as it helps to kick off its EV range.

It was Audi’s first EV and continues to impress with its comfortable and refined driving experience and roomy, high-quality interior. With an electric range of up to 249 miles and speedy electric car charging, it’s one of the most accomplished battery-powered SUVs on the market today. A sleeker Sportback version is also available for those wanting something a bit sportier-looking.