Nearly New Cars

What is a ‘Nearly New’ Car?

A nearly new car is one that has low mileage and is usually about a year old.

Nearly new cars are a smart way to drive a car with all the very latest spec and technology, at less cost than when it was brand new. You can save £1,000s on the brand new price of the car and yet have all the advantages in terms of the latest tech – what’s not to like?

Why buy a ‘Nearly New’ Car?

Nearly new cars offer great value for money, because they’re still relatively new, but will save you a lot of money compared to a new car.

The first year of a cars life is when it depreciates the most, so by buying after its first year you’ve saved yourself a lot of money and still get the benefits of a new car such as already having been serviced by a manufacturer approved dealer, low-mileage, warranty, no MOTs for a couple of years. Plus, if you then decide to sell after a few years, you’ll get much closer to what you paid for it than if you had bought new

What’s the difference between a ‘Nearly New’ car and a ‘Pre-Reg’ car?

The main difference between the two is that a nearly new car has had an owner before, whereas a pre-reg car hasn’t. Nearly new cars have usually been leased by a fleet company before, so they will have had a previous driver and will have done a few thousand miles. Pre-reg on the other hand are cars that the dealership needed to register, but have had no previous owners and usually only have delivery mileage on.

We have nearly new cars available across all of our brands and if you don’t see any you like now, keep coming back as our stock is constantly refreshed. From a tiny city-slicker like the SEAT Mii, right up to a large SUV such as the Audi Q7; browse and see which nearly new cars are on offer right now.

And you can do your research first by using our valuation tool to find out how much your part exchange is worth or pop in to your local Swansway branch, sit down, have a cuppa and let us find the perfect nearly new car for you.

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