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Buying a nearly new SEAT is a great way to purchase a nearly new car with savings against the new list price. Crewe SEAT have a range of low mileage cars all with only 5,000 miles on the clock, are less than 12 months old and usually only have one previous owner. This means you can be sure of the origin and reliability of the car, and we are always on hand should you have any questions.

What is a nearly new SEAT?

A nearly new SEAT is a second-hand car but only due to it being registered by a manufacturer or dealer before being sold. Most of nearly new cars are pre-registered and will be advertised with 'delivery miles'.​ Delivery miles will be the mileage that has been added up from the car being moved around on a transporter. This means the mileage on these cars are very low, usually only in the tens.

Another type of car that can be classed as nearly new car is an ex-demonstrator, or ex-demo car. These are specific models that dealers keep for potential buyers to test drive before buying. These models will usually be a well-equipped pre-registered car, although of course they because they are in use, will have been driven by many people and have gained a higher mileage. However, this will still be well under 5,000 miles.​

Sometimes a nearly new SEAT is a used car that has been traded in by the first owner, these cars will still have all the benefits as an ex-demo or a pre-reg but were purchased by a different customer from new.

Why buy a nearly new SEAT?

  • Nearly full warranty - As the vehicle won't be very old it should have most of its new vehicle warranty left intact.
  • Low mileage - As the car hasn't been in full use, a nearly new SEAT can have as little as 10 miles but no more than 5,000 miles.
  • Price reduction - The condition of the car is just like new, yet because of it being a pre-reg or ex-demo you get a nice discount on the car's recommended retail price.
  • Condition - You will have peace of mind that the car has been well looked after by the dealership.
  • Value - You may lose less money, as the car is worth less when you buy it, it theoretically has less to lose in value.

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