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Volkswagen Sharan Motability Car Prices

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Smart, stylish, and incredibly sizeable, this Volkswagen Sharan is a fantastic addition to any large or expanding family. While this is a people carrier which can get short shrift in the car-buying world, due to their bulkiness, the Sharan is incredibly nimble in comparison to other MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles). Available in two different models, manual and automatic, it is an easy to drive model for anybody who is looking for size and convenience in one simple package.


A well-equipped vehicle is not just the only thing that matters with an MPV; it is so important that when you choose an MPV that you get significant power behind it so you don’t lumber along, especially when everyone else is speeding past, which can be a problem with many larger vehicles. With its strong 1.4 l engine, you can guarantee that if you are on a road trip or making a long journey, the sheer size of the vehicle doesn’t become a problem when you are on the motorway trying to get top speed. And its upmarket interior means that you have a stylish ride, as well as one with speed, space, and substance.

A fantastic choice for anybody that is looking for a car on the Motability scheme that requires versatility and accessibility. With sliding rear doors and a lot of space, you can guarantee that, no matter what you need to transport, there is plenty of room, and its power ensures that you are always going to get there without feeling like you’re struggling.

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