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Disability Driving Instructors

Having a disability shouldn’t hinder your chances of learning to drive or getting back behind the wheel after an accident.

Driving Lessons For Disabled People

Throughout the UK there are specially trained driving instructors that can help people with physical disabilities, special educational needs or those with hearing difficulties learn to drive or use an adaptations.

Can I Drive If I Have A Disability?

Your individual circumstances will determine whether you will be able to drive. Technological advancements have allowed cars to be adapted so that more people with disabilities can learn to drive. There are now many vehicle options, modifications and adaptations available so that people can drive safely and comfortably.

If you are unsure as to what adaptations will need, a driving mobility assessment can help in determining what will be required.

Learning To Drive For The First Time

The first step to learning to drive is applying for a provisional licence through the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA).

When filling out the application, you will be asked to list what medical conditions you have so that they can assess whether or not you are considered fit to drive.

If you have a physical disability, they may suggest an adaptation to make driving or getting into a vehicle easier for you. Specialist driving instructors often have cars fitted with these sorts of adaptations.

If you have a more severe disability that requires more complex adaptations you may need to learn to drive with a driving instructor in your own adapted Motability vehicle.

As soon as you have your provisional driving licence you can start to learn to drive.

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Returning To Driving After An Accident Or Illness

After an accident or illness, the DVLA need to be informed before you can start driving again. If you are unsure about your ability to drive safely, your doctor can refer you to a Driving Mobility Assessment Centre or you can ask Motability to refer you.

A practical driving assessment checks your medical fitness to drive and looks at your driving ability. After this you are advised on what adaptations are necessary for your vehicle. This will also be documented on a report. If you have been advised to notify the DVLA you should send them a copy of the report and they will then assess your medical condition to determine whether you can retain your current driving entitlement.

With The Cost Of Driving Lessons

Motability have a Driving Lessons Grant Programme that provides funding to help people pay for specialist driving lessons.

These charitable grants are only awarded to those in the greatest need. This grant provides funding for 40 hours of driving tuition for new drivers, this should be enough for most people to reach driving test standard. Motability drivers (who already have a full driving licence) and are using a new Motability funded adaptation for the first time can also apply for funding to pay for familiarisation lessons with a qualified driving instructor. This helps them get used to driving with new controls before heading out on the road.