Adding a Named Driver

Named drivers are the people who you choose to drive your Motability vehicle. You can choose up to three named drivers as part of your lease; these can be yourself, friends, family or carers. Two named drivers can also be nominated when you place your application, then if you require a third driver during your lease, they can be added at an additional cost by contacting RSA Motability.

Who can drive for you

In order to protect the Scheme, there are a few rules surrounding who can drive your car.

  • Named drivers should live within five miles of the disabled customer’s address. Motability will, however, consider requests to include drivers outside of this range where this is essential to support the customer’s mobility needs
  • Drivers under 25 are restricted to cars with an ABI Insurance Group 16 or lower and with a power output of 115 brakehorse power (BHP) or less (this does not apply to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles). It is therefore important to consider whether you will require a driver aged under 25 during your lease before you choose your car. For more information on which cars are suitable, speak to one of our Motability Specialists.
  • Only one named driver under 21 is permitted – this could be the disabled customer, or another driver living at the same address
  • We will only accept drivers who have a legally valid driving licence. Drivers with a non-UK driving licence will be subject to additional checks.

Proposed drivers with certain convictions, disqualifications or endorsements within the last five years will not be allowed. Speak to one of our Motability Specialists for more information.

Only drivers named under the permitted drivers section of your Certificate of Motor Insurance are covered to drive your car.

Adding a driver at the start of your lease

When you place the order for your next car, you will need to tell your Motability Specialist about anyone you wish to drive the car, including yourself. This is the case even if you’re keeping the same drivers as on your current lease. You’ll also need to provide confirmation that these drivers agree to abide by the Scheme guidelines and are happy for us to check their details against the DVLA driver licence database.

Proposed drivers can give their consent by either coming with you to the dealership when you place your order. Alternatively, they can fill out the Driver Consent Form, which will be sent to you three months before the end of your lease along with your renewal pack.Adding a driver at the start of your lease

Changing a driver during your lease

If you wish to add or change a driver during your lease, simply get in touch with RSA Motability (RSAM) and they will make the changes for you. You as the lease-holder are the only one who can request a change of driver but you can change named drivers as many times as you like. RSAM will need to speak to your proposed driver to get their consent for the licence details to be checked against the DVLA driver licence database, so they must be with you when you call. In addition, in order to consider insuring your new driver, RSAM will need to know their details including:

  • Full name
  • Driving licence number
  • Any motoring convictions
  • Previous loss, damage or insurance claims
  • Date of birth
  • If they only have a provisional driving licence.

Temporary drivers

We understand that you may require a temporary driver from time to time, for example, when you go on holiday or relatives come to visit. You can add a temporary driver for no extra charge. However, please note that if your temporary driver will be the third driver that you are adding to your lease, there will be an additional cost.

A temporary driver can be added onto your policy for up to 30 days at a time and must always abide by the Scheme rules and use the car for your benefit. If you rely on this driver multiple times throughout the year, they must be included on your Certificate of Motor Insurance as a permanent driver. Please remember that temporary driver additions cannot be used as a substitute for a permanent driver.

Do you need a third driver?

It may be possible to have more than two named drivers to your policy. If you would like to nominate a third driver, you may be able to add the extra person by paying an extra charge. And if your circumstances change and you no longer need a third driver, you may be entitled to a refund.

Keep us informed

  • If your named drivers move address during your lease, inform RSAM
  • If a named driver is convicted of a motoring offence during the agreement, you must tell RSAM immediately to make sure you are still covered
  • You should let the DVLA know about any change in you or your driver’s mobility or health which might make driving unsafe. But if your GP has passed you to drive and the DVLA are aware of these changes you do not need to contact us.