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Charitable Grants from Motability

Motability help disabled people who want to use their government-funded Mobility Allowance to get the vehicle and adaptations they need.

Motability can offer charitable Grants that may be able to help if the Motability car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) you would like is out of your price range. The Motability Charitable Grants Programme offers financial support to try and assist people with a disability so that they still have access to transportation.

Who Can Apply For A Motability Grant?

Motability offer Charitable Grants to people who would otherwise be unable to afford what they need.

These grants can be used to help fund the following:

  • Help to pay for vehicles with higher Motability Advance Payments, so a customer can lease a larger or more expensive car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).
  • Help to cover the costs of specialist adaptations, including complex driving solutions.
  • Help with the cost of driving lessons (up to 40 hours of tuition).
  • Help when existing Motability customers lose their government-funded Mobility Allowance.

Not everyone who applies for a Charitable Grant is successful. The charity considers your financial situation to determine whether or not to accept an application.

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What Grants/Schemes are available ?

Family Fund Mobility Support Scheme - This Scheme provides a short term, leased vehicle to families in need who have a child under the age of three. If successful, the Family Fund Mobility Support Scheme pays for the lease of a suitable vehicle until the child reaches the age of three, at which point they can qualify for the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and lease a Motability Scheme vehicle themselves.

Driving Assessment Grant Programme - The Driving Assessment Grant Programme is a new scheme being trailed that will help provide driving assessments, vehicle adaptations and familiarisation lessons to non-Motability customers who are in receipt of a qualifying means-tested or disability-related benefit.

Access To Work Grants - The Access to Work programme supports disabled people in work. An Access to Work grant could pay for Special equipment, adaptations or support worker services to help you in work. Another way it can support disabled people in the workplace is helping you get to and from work whether that be public transport or funding for special adaptations on your own vehicle.

To get help from Access to Work you must:

  • Have a disability or health condition (physical or mental) that makes it hard for you to do parts of your job or get to and from work.
  • Be 16 or over.
  • Live in England, Scotland or Wales
  • Have a paid job.

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