White Volkswagen Passat Estate exterior parked

Estate Car Buying Guide

Everything you need to know when buying an estate car

What is an Estate?

Estate cars have an extension on the back, which provide more boot space. Combining the comfort of a saloon car with the luggage capacity of a small van, the family estate had been a very popular bodystyle to go for. However in today's market is currently competing with MPVs and SUVs.

Should you buy an Estate?

Estate benefits:

  • Large boot space- Estate cars come with an extension on the back, providing more boot space.
  • Boot Accessibility - Access into the boot of Estate cars are usually flat which makes it easier to get things in and out of you.
  • Style - Many estate cars made over 20 years ago were heavy duty but dull to look at, however Modern estates are now just as sleek and stylish as any other model in the range.

Estate considerations:

  • Space -This Estate is not as spacious as many SUVs and crossovers
  • Parking -Due to the elongated body, parking this type of car can be more difficult
  • Limited view -If you fill up the boot, you won't be able to see out of the back window, causing a safety risk.

What to look for in an Estate:

  • Low boot lip - If the bottom of the boot is level with the top of the rear bumper, it's easier to slide things into the boot.
  • A powered bootlid - If you can have this feature, it allows you to open your boot by waving your foot underneath the bumper. This makes it much easier when your hands are full.
  • Split-folding rear seats - having this option is best, it allows you to fold one or two seats down so that you can fit longer and larger items in your vehicle but still leave one seat for a passenger.

Need help finding the perfect estate?

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