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MPV Cars from Swansway Motor Group

What is an MPV?

MPV, meaning multi-purpose vehicle are large and perfect for families due to its size and usually having 6 or more seats. Traditionally, MPVs were the vehicle of choice for anyone; especially families and taxi drivers that were looking to drive with lots of people in comfort. You can get larger MPVs with seven seats, such as the Citroën C4 Grand SpaceTourer or you can get smaller MPVs such as the Fiat 500L.

Should you buy an MPV?

MPV benefits:

  • Spacious - This bodystyle is perfect for families due to its vast interior space and plenty of seats.
  • Flexible interiors​ - Due to the amount of space to work with, there are many ways to adapt the interior of this vehicle. Whether that's seating adjustments to fit larger items in or an additional row of seats to carry more passengers.
  • Option for 7 seats - Larger MPVs are usually blessed with having seven seats, perfect for when those extra seats are needed.

MPV considerations:

  • Manoeuvrable - A larger car means that it is more difficult to manoeuvre
  • Popularity - MPVs are not as desirable as other large body styles such as SUVs. so when it comes to reselling you might find it more difficult.
  • Looks- It favours practically over looks, these style of cars are usually not the most good looking and pretty dull.

What to look for in an MPV?

  • Boot space: You always need to find out how much boot space you will have with the additional row of seats up when you are considering a 7 seater MPV. MPV manufacturers will often quote the boot space with the third row of seats down, so be sure to check if the boot space is enough for what you need.
  • Folding and sliding seats: seats which fold completely flat as well as sliding seat can be very handy when you need a bit of extra leg room or luggage space.
  • Isofix points: Make sure you get enough Isofix points, MPVs usually have three, four or in very rare cases five Isofix points.
  • Sliding doors: MPVS usually have sliding doors which eliminate the risk of hitting you car door on another car when exiting the vehicle after you've parked.