Saloon Cars from Swansway Group

What is a saloon?

A saloon car ​has a long, sleek shape with four doors, the boot isn't counted as a door as it is with the hatchback. The boot of a saloon is also separate from the rest of the car, which means a quieter ride for you and your passengers.

Should you buy a saloon?

Saloon benefits:

  • Quiet - the boot being separate helps keep out the noise from the road
  • Spacious - saloons tend to have more passenger space as the long design means the front and rear seats can be spaced out more
  • ​Stylish​ - a long, low profile and stylish design

​Saloon considerations:

  • Parking - the boot sticking out the back makes them harder to park than other bodystyles like the hatchback
  • Manoeuvring - unless you've got parking sensors saloons are not the easiest to manoeuvre because of their length
  • Boot opening - the boot opening opens upwards whilst the rear screen stays in place, meaning there's not always the biggest gap to get stuff into the boot

What to look for in a saloon:

  • Folding seats - not all saloons have this option, but it's worth looking for as it will make your loading space more flexible
  • Parking sensors - will make parking and manoeuvring much easier
  • Wide boot - a boot opening that is deep, wide and low will help with loading
  • Flat floor - in the rear will give passengers more space