Audi A6 Saloon rear parked man getting in

2024 Saloon Car Buying Guide

Everything you need to know when buying a saloon car

Also referred to as a Sedan in other countries, Saloon cars typically have an enclosed passenger compartment with the boot being sectioned off. Saloons offer the best in passenger comfort and a decent boot space, if you regularly need lots of boot space you might find an estate car better suited.

How do saloon cars handle and drive?

Saloon cars have always been great for commuting and long distancing journeys. They provide you with excellent fuel economy while also giving you peace of mind being reliable and practical. They come packed with latest technology making you’re driving more comfortable with many having heated seats, cruise control and adaptive suspension. If you are an executive driver a saloon car would be an amazing choice as they give you a relaxing environment for passengers to be in.

Which saloon car as the largest boot?

If boot size is important to you then saloon cars have excellent boot capacity. Listed are some of the saloon cars options that come with excellent boot capacity:

Need help finding the perfect Saloon?

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