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SUVs from Swansway Motor Group

What is an SUV?

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle and describes a vehicle which is typically tall, spacious, has a large gap between the road and the underside of the car and can be driven on more rugged terrains than your average city road. The SUV segment has also recently expanded to include crossovers which have many of the features of an SUV but are made using the mechanical parts of family cars so have the look of an SUV but are better suited to tarmac roads. This expansion has seen a surge in popularity in recent years and the SUV market has seen a great deal of innovation lately making now a great time to opt for one.

Should you buy an SUV?​

SUV Benefits

  • ​​Spacious ​- SUVs typically have more seating and boot space than a hatchback or coupé for example. There are also many 7 seater SUVs available so you can fit more people in on your adventures!
  • High driving position ​-  Whilst this might seem daunting if you are used to driving a smaller car, this offers greater visibility of the road and is actually ideal for nervous drivers as it allows a greater sense of control.
  • Capability ​- SUVs are great on various terrains and are equally at home on a snowy mountain as they are a city road!

SUV Considerations

  • Fuel efficiency - increased weight and capability can lead to increased fuel consumption and costs so it is important to consider the type of driving you will be doing and how much you will be taking with you. Remember that a crossover will be more fuel efficient than a typical SUV so it's definitely worth not ruling them out on a cost basis.
  • Manoeuvrability- As SUVs are bigger vehicles, the turning circle may be larger than that of a hatchback so if you are driving down a lot of narrow roads or squeezing in and out of tight spaces regularly then an SUV might not be the best choice for you.

What to look for in an SUV

  • Is it a crossover or an SUV? The main difference is the parts used which mean that an SUV is built for more rugged use than a crossover so be sure to think about terrain you will be driving on; if you are going off road then you need an SUV, if you are driving on normal tarmac roads then a crossover is perfect. Confusingly the term SUV is used for both but your preferred dealership will be more than happy to discuss driving style and requirements and point you in the right direction.
  • Does it have four wheel drive? Not all SUVs have four wheel drive so be sure to check before you commit if this is important to you. Four wheel drive was typically standard on the earliest SUVs however as it is only necessary if the vehicle is being driven on terrains other than tarmac, many manufacturers now employ two wheel drive as it saves weight and fuel.
  • Can I take it off road? SUVs with four wheel drive can be used off road but if you are looking at driving up large sloped or over rough, rocky surfaces then you will need an SUV that states it is designed for off roading and that the bottom won't scrape across the ground and cause damage to the underside of the car.